Mobile energy on the go

Mobile power on the go is a must, but it can come with many challenges. Generac Mobile’s new mobile generators face and overcome these head on.

Generac Mobile MDE5703MDE330
Generac Mobile MDE5703MDE330

Generac Mobile MDE570/MDE330

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Without reliable energy on the go, contractors don’t have the necessary resources to power tools, construction sites, lighting and other applications. To meet this critical need, industrial diesel generators are consistently in high demand. In order to meet rental company requirements, Generac Mobile developed the MDE570 and MDE330 in 2022 to expand the company’s mobile generator lineup. The goal? Address every set of pain points to fully satisfy rental customers and end-users alike. While the company has been a trusted manufacturer of home backup generators, that’s far from their only strength.

Generac Mobile

Primed to power through

Knowing that these mobile generators may be operating in light load conditions for alternating periods of time, Generac worked with Perkins to handpick the Perkins® 2806F-E18TAG1 diesel engine. This model became the key to Generac Mobile’s solution, as it supports varying power loads within U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards. The 18.1 litre, six-cylinder engine is able to contend with these loads due to its integrated, state-of-the-art exhaust temperature management (ETM) system. This system mitigates potential issues like wet stacking, which causes unburned fuel to end up in the exhaust system after prolonged engine runtime.

The larger of the two mobile generators, the MDE570 brings a prime power rating of 456 kW, 570 kVA at 60 Hz. Designed with a sturdy steel frame and sound-attenuated enclosure, these features are engineered for high durability in formidable conditions. A lift structure for trailer and skid configurations is also included, ensuring easy portability for renters in even the most remote locations or the tightest schedules. The generator maintains 24-hour runtime before refueling across temperature and humidity extremes, allowing for reliable, consistent use and low refueling costs. These units can also be configured for paralleling for scalable power and ultimate versatility..

Maintenance made easy

Aside from power challenges, Generac Mobile focused on longevity and maintenance advances. This led to equipping both the MDE570 and MDE330 with a Deep Sea Electronics 8610 MKII controller, which allows operators and fleet owners to view operating parameters and critical diagnostics through an intuitive interface located at eye level on the back of each mobile generator. Both units also come standard with a 500-hour oil and filter service interval, which reduces downtime.

With a long history between Generac and Perkins for stationary products, Generac Mobile knew that Perkins was the right fit for the MDE570 and MDE330 due to trust in the product and service support. Both units are covered under the Perkins Rental Support Programme for engine service needs. Rental houses can turn to the programme for access to parts, tooling, training, warranties and much more. All support is streamlined, helping fleet managers get these units back into their rental rotations in no time.