Why have nine when you can have one.

Covering the job of up to nine compressors, the Sullair Mid-Range Series is engineered to be versatile and efficient, built to take on any job with a wide range of pressure and flow options.

Sullair Air compressor
Sullair Air compressor

Ready for any job

Whether your customers are on the farm, in the factory or out in the field, no job is limited to one task. Sand and water blasting, cable blowing, drilling and pneumatic hand tool use are just a few of the applications that air compressors power at worksites. At the front of it all is the Sullair Mid-Range Series Tier 4 Final Portable Lubricated Rotary Screw air compressor powered by the ever-reliable Perkins® 1206J-E70TTA engine. 

Since 1965, Sullair has been leading the charge in innovating and producing top-rated air compressors at their Michigan City, Indiana headquarters. In an industry where quality and reliability reign supreme, Sullair chose to package their air compressors with Perkins engines to solidify their commitment to providing renters with one of the best possible products on the market.

One machine to serve every need

A single job may require air compressors for pressure washing, concrete break-up and everything in between. Renters expect their equipment to match their needs in the moment they arise. The Mid-Range Series eliminates the need for multiple compressors, as it can be configured anywhere from 100 to 200 psi and between 800 to 1100 cfm. Having one compressor able to take on the jobs of up to nine other compressors gives the Mid-Range Series a competitive advantage over other models. 


Using the Sullair

Make way for the Mid-Range Series

After many rounds of voice of customer feedback and advanced developmental testing, the Mid-Range Series was launched in February 2021. Those efforts produced an air compressor that requires little maintenance and offers high durability, versatility and reliability under heavy use across demanding, harsh environments. 

  • The Mid-Range Series has been very well received on the rental marketplace, as customers enjoy the upgraded package features: 
  • Unique electronic spiral valve technology matches air supply to demand for improved fuel efficiency and run times.
  • Galvannealed sheet metal design and enhanced paint for better resistance to corrosion and harsh environments.
  • Seven-inch Sullair Touch Screen (STS) allows operators to set pressure and flow screens, control the electronic spiral valve and view key performance indicators at the touch of a finger.
  • Several easy-access doors for quick, simple serviceability.

Packing Perkins power 

The Perkins 1206J-E70TTA is a diesel-driven engine with 302 horsepower. Power dense, this small package features an advanced fuel system for improved fuel efficiency, while the clean engine module lends to reduced noise. With Sullair’s electronic spiral valve technology, the entire system minimises fuel consumption to offer extended runtimes. This engine offers optimum value in a compact, reliable package that’s backed by Perkins distinguished distributor network.

Perkins Power
Perkins Power

A sure thing with Perkins Rental Support Programme

To stay competitive in the rental market, it’s essential to not only have the air compressors that renters want, but they also have to be maintained quickly. Your downtime can be reduced through the Perkins Rental Support Programme. Offering direct access to tooling, training, online parts ordering and more, this programme supports Perkins-powered equipment for maintaining uptime and reliable performance.



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As the industry moves forward, Sullair will always be at the forefront with quality people, innovative solutions, and air compressors that are built to last. They have centred their operations around three key pillars: Reliability, Durability, Performance.


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