UCC (Anhui) - picks up more forklift customers with Perkins power

The popularity of UniCarriers’ heavy duty forklifts has been hoisted higher, thanks to the high-performing Perkins engines installed in the machines.

UniCarriers Forklift (Anhui) Co. Ltd. (UCC) has a strong reputation in China’s domestic logistics sector for building robust machines that stand up to the challenge of sustained work, while delivering the low running costs that customers need.

The company, based in Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui province, is a front-runner in the manufacture of high-performance forklifts and parts. While this innovative business is driven by looking forward, it also has a strong heritage to draw upon.

UCC’s roots can be found in Toyo Carriers Manufacturing (TCM), a pioneer of the forklift manufacturing industry in Japan. In 2012, TCM joined the UniCarriers Group and the company now has operations in many countries, including the United States and Europe.

UCC is proud to be building on the long heritage of UC (TCM) and has already succeeded in winning recognition as a qualityfocused and reputable supplier in its domestic market.


The power behind heavyweight forklifts

Key to establishing such a powerful brand has been its selection of Perkins as engine supplier for a number of its forklift products. Perkins® 1104D-E44TA, for example, has become the chosen system for several models in its FD series, which are designed for lifting larger loads.

The 1104D-E44TA is a China Stage III electronic engine featuring a common rail fuel injection system that delivers fast response and precision power. With exceptional performance, great fuel economy, excellent reliability and a refined operator experience, the forklifts have soared in popularity among Chinese end-users.

Perkins supplies around 100 units each year to satisfy demand. Up till October 2018, UCC has sold some 80 forklift trucks powered by Perkins, specifically tailored for various airport, harbour and logistics applications. This gives UCC customers the valuable flexibility of having engines specially modified, so they give optimum performance for their individual needs.