Kalmar Rough Terrain Center - Perkins® 1100 Series

Kalmar RT’s RT022 forklift finds success with U.S. Department of Defense, Africa-based NGOs

Perkins Pacific, a leading distributor of Perkins engines and engineering solutions provider, worked closely with Kalmar Rough Terrain Center to power the Kalmar RT022, a rough terrain handler that is succeeding in extreme conditions due to its unique design and Perkins engine.

The RT022 Light Capacity Rough Terrain Forklift (LCRTF) is built to move materials at sites where there is minimal or often destroyed infrastructure and typically difficult weather conditions. Constructed with a compact design, fourteen inch ground clearance and ability to operate in up to 36 inches of water for material handling in harsh environments, the LCRTF needed a highly-reliable and efficient engine. Perkins Pacific worked closely with Kalmar RT to supply and engineer 1100 Series engines that provide the LCRTF with better uptime, lower cost of ownership and unparalleled performance.

“In development of the KRTC RT022 we sought partners that could provide proven, reliable, durable components. Perkins was the clear choice to meet our demanding needs. Perkins Pacific has been a reliable partner for our equipment which works in the world’s most demanding conditions.” Randy Wingenroth, vice president of Kalmar Rough Terrain Center Operations and Product Development.

Kalmar RT’s RT022 forklift

The U.S. Department of Defense and related government agencies have seen significant success with the Perkins-powered LCRTF. Due to operations throughout the world in areas with limited or destroyed infrastructure, use of containers has expanded rapidly in military missions for transportation, storage and other operations. Military forces turn to the LCRTF for its maneuverability, ability to load and unload containers in difficult conditions with ease, and the dependability it provides.

During the recent Ebola crisis in Liberia, the NGO Partners in Health received a LCRTF from the U.S. Dept. of Defense to help strengthen the long-term healthcare system in the remote town of Harper. The forklift was delivered to the town of Zwedru and would need to be transported 200 miles on “what is considered one of the worst roads in Africa” during rainy season according to a “Partners in Health” employee. The LCRTF was unable to be moved by heavy-cargo truck due to road conditions and would instead need to be driven over two days to Harper.


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“The Kalmar RT022 took a beating and a half on a road that regularly destroys vehicles specifically designed to traverse such conditions,” wrote Robert Rains, a Partners in Health spokesperson. “At the end of the two days, we made it to safety.  We put it to work immediately in Harper. Our unit is currently in use and running great.”

Partners in Health now uses the LCRTF in Liberia to shift containers, move pallets at the port, and to drop generators at sites in difficult-to-access locations.

The reliability offered by the Perkins® 1100 Series is key in providing Kalmar’s customers a forklift they can depend on to get tough jobs done. In sites lacking infrastructure where the LCRTF must be operated for long hours at maximum power, Kalmar relies on power from Perkins Pacific to provide reliability and unmatched performance. 

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