Oyman - Perkins® 2206J-E13TA

Already a market leader in nut production machinery, Turkey’s Oyman, is broadening its product line-up with the launch of high-quality biomass shredders.

As demand for biomass heats up across the world, Turkish machinery manufacturer Oyman is channeling its engineering expertise into this exciting new market.

According to the company, which was founded in 1989, it is already renowned for being Turkey’s market leader for hazelnut processing machines. Now, with a taste for new ambitions and new opportunities, it has launched Turkey’s first biomass shredder, the Oyman TRS.

The Perkins-powered machine efficiently and affordably reduces the size of wood waste, so it can be used as a biomass fuel.

Fuelling Oyman’s future success

While shredders are a new and bold endeavour for Oyman, the company is no stranger to product innovation and precision manufacturing.

“Since 1989, we’ve become experts in food processing machines for hazelnuts and built a strong reputation for the quality and affordability of our machines,” said company manager, H.Umran Oyman.

“We’re a new competitor in the biomass market, but we believe in our experience of manufacturing. We’ve developed a lower cost machine than many competitors, and we also bring the strong reputation for the quality of Turkish machinery, which we believe gives us an advantage.”

Oyman biomass shredder

Perkins power, Perkins expertise

The Oyman TRS is powered by a Perkins® 2206J-E13TA diesel engine. With a capacity of 300 m3/hour depending on materials, customers benefit from high throughput, low cost of operability and low maintenance.

The 12.5 litre Perkins engine delivers 287-388 kW (385-520 hp), is electronic turbocharged aspirated, and meets EU Stage V emission standards. The engine was designed with optimised fluid consumption in mind, helping users keep their running costs low. It ensures many hours of productive life and minimum downtime.

Having been close associates since 2005, Oyman’s relationship with Perkins goes far beyond that of a traditional engine supplier. On the Oyman TRS, Perkins collaborated throughout the machine’s development, ensuring Oyman secured the right power solution, optimised to the unique requirements of the machine. As a result, Oyman drastically reduced both machine development time and the associated costs.

“Perkins, through its trusted distributor in Turkey, Power TK, helped us select which engine would be most effective, supported us on design and integration, and tested the machine step by step,” said Mr Oyman. “They consistently help us improve our machines at every stage, reduce project time and ensure our customers get the best solution.”

Standing out from the crowd

Oyman machines wear the Perkins badge with pride. “We realise that having our machines wearing the label ‘Powered by Perkins’ – one of the world’s leading and most trusted engine experts – is an impressive selling point for our customers,” said Mr Oyman.

The Oyman TRS is just the latest in a long line of successful collaborations with Perkins. Our engines provide the power for a wide range of Oyman’s popular agricultural machines – and help the company positively differentiate itself.

Based in Trabzon, Turkey, Oyman’s main manufacturing site is built across an area of 5,500 m2. Its highly skilled team of dynamic mechanical engineers and experienced technicians ensures customers have the solutions to meet today’s challenges – and the technology to meet tomorrow’s too.

“We are really happy with Perkins. They always work on our new products with the same dedication as if they were launching their own new products.”

H.Umran Oyman, company manager

Find out more about the business and its products at oyman.com.tr