At the cutting edge of drilling excellence

German drilling specialist Geotec has combined forces with Perkins distributor BU Power Systems for many years. Through close collaboration, the company creates high-performing drilling rigs that are nimble and powerful enough to support the installation of geothermal energy systems and water wells.

The installation of geothermal energy systems and water wells can be a challenging job. It requires powerful, yet compact drilling rigs capable of getting the work done in limited space and in the face of often difficult soil conditions.

One company with a deep understanding of these challenges – and how to overcome them – is German machinery manufacturer Geotec Bohrtechnik GmbH. The company, which is based in North Rhine Westphalia, in the west of Germany, has been developing and manufacturing some of the market’s best quality rigs for the past 30 years.

The company collaborates closely with Perkins distributor BU Power Systems, along with leading drilling businesses, to ensure it delivers advanced, versatile and powerful drilling rigs for customers in Germany and the rest of Europe.

At the cutting edge of drilling excellence

Collaboration provides cornerstone for success

From the most embryonic stage of machine development, BU Power Systems works closely with Geotec’s design and production engineers. After detailed product consultation, the Perkins distributor is able to supply an engine that matches the requirements of both the application and end users. This means Geotec always gets a Perkins engine that maximises machine productivity while delivering a lifetime of low costs.

Geotec also draws huge benefit from the comprehensive aftersales service provided by BU Power Systems. With fast response times, professional service and excellent spare parts availability, BU Power Systems offers the highest standards of product support.

Across Geotec’s range of drilling rigs, many of which are branded under the popular Rotomax badge, the following Perkins engines provide high-performance and precision power:

  • Perkins® 404F-E22TA
  • Perkins® 854F-E34TA
  • Perkins® 1204F-E44TTA
  • Perkins® 1206F-E70TTA

Geotec’s popular rigs are built at the business’ state-of-the-art 3,300 sqm production facility. Highly trained technicians assemble the machines to the most meticulous standards. Once built, the rigs are easy to transport, meet the highest safety standards, and operate reliably and affordably for the end customer. 

With many years of combined experience behind them, Geotec’s Perkins-powered drilling rigs deliver on design and quality. They perform to a consistently dependable level – even in the toughest drilling conditions.