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With an engine to suit every region and application, 24/7 service and support from our robust global distribution network and major investment across our product range, Perkins is the engine supplier of choice for electric power.

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Perkins reputation for world-class performance and quality is second to none – and we continue to invest and innovate across our products and services. 

With more than 85 years’ experience designing, building and servicing power solutions for our customers, we have the global knowledge and manufacturing footprint to offer the right solutions for every market, with no compromise on quality. 

Whether that’s our customers in the Middle East, Asia or Africa with our range of high power-density engines and tailored support packages. Or our customers in the EU and North America, with our simple, efficient and reliable EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final engines. 

And once your generator set is out in the market, Perkins continues to support the owners and operators who depend on it. Our global distribution network has a presence in more than 175 countries ensuring that owners of Perkins-powered generator sets have quick access to local support, enabling them to maximise their generator’s uptime and provide engine, parts and sales support 24/7. 

Global manufacturing


The same quality standards – wherever we build your engine

Wherever your engine comes off the production line – from Peterborough to Hosur or Wuxi to Seguin – it will meet exactly the same high standards of performance, reliability and durability. Our quality won’t deviate, because we follow the same stringent processes and use the same quality components wherever we build your engine.

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Perkins in India


Working together to supply reliable power solutions in India

Perkins manufactures to the same rigorous process and quality standards worldwide. In India, Perkins has invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Aurangabad and Hosur to serve our valued customers in India and Asia. More recently the Aurangabad facility has also started manufacturing engines for some customers in the Middle East.

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Perkins in China


Focus on the design and manufacture of off-road diesel engines

Perkins is committed to becoming a local company in China. Our strategy and operating philosophy are consistent, and we have tried our best to be close to our market for many years. We have invested a lot of resources in China. In terms of production, the engine industrial park we built in Wuxi is a highly automated manufacturing plant.

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