Tide Power powering education in Ethiopia

Students in Ethiopia are enjoying uninterrupted learning after Tide Power Technology supplied 12 new Perkins-powered generator sets to the country’s universities. These highly dependable units ensure facilities can run reliably, 24/7, even when the grid goes down.

Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa, has been making major investments in its electricity infrastructure to meet growing demand for power.

While the grid’s performance has been improving, many businesses continue to depend on diesel generators to keep the lights on and their facilities functioning whenever the system is under pressure.

This is especially the case across the country’s expanding network of universities. Recently, several institutions set about searching for generator set solutions that would guarantee continuous power supply for their students, teachers and researchers.

The universities turned to Tide Power Technology for support. Tide Power Technology is a leading Chinese generator set manufacturer with more than 10 years’ experience in the market and which now exports to more than 40 countries globally.

Tide Power powering education in Ethiopia

Dependable engine means dependable power

A key factor in the universities’ decision to take Tide Power generators was the company’s close collaboration with Perkins engines.

Perkins engines are widely used across Africa and consistently trusted to provide reputable and dependable power. Customers also appreciate the fact that Perkins provides a global aftersales network, fast and simple availability of spare parts, and expert technical support at every stage.

Tide Power’s solution was an installation of 12 Perkins-powered generator sets, which would deliver continuous power and give the universities an important competitive advantage when attracting the best new students and employees.

Synchronised for a seamless supply

The generator sets, which are located at several different universities with varied power demand, comprise five 2806C-E18TAG1A, six 2806A-E18TAG2 and one 4008-TAG2A. The generators have been designed to synchronise with the local power mains and ensure supply continues seamlessly should the grid become constrained.

Tide Power Technology collaborates closely with Perkins and Elco Power, Perkins distributor to ensure clients receive the right power solutions to meet their needs. With more than a decade of experience building reliable energy production equipment, Tide Power Technology has become a trusted go-to brand across Africa and Asia. The company is confident that by continuing its important synergy with Perkins, it will build on its current success and give even more customers the flawless flow of power they require.


Bauma China, Shanghai, November 27-30, 2018

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