MVL Limited


MVL Limited is a rapidly growing, diversified real estate company, listed on NSE and BSE of India, operating in residential, commercial, township and retail sectors. It has a new iPark located at the heart of Gurgaon adjacent to NH-8, which offers premium state-of-the-art-offices with sufficient multi-level parking space. 

Perkins steps up

In order to provide power supply meeting global standards, MVL chose generating sets powered by Perkins® 2500 and 4000 Series engines.

Perkins engines provides results

Perkins engines have proven reliability in prime installations. They have exceptional power-to-weight ratios, resulting in floor space savings. 

MVL Limited

“We are very confident of the capabilities from the Perkins GOEM – Sterling Generators. The Perkins powered generator sets have been installed for over three years now. Perkins engines are power dense and their performance characteristics are ideal for use in the real estate sector.“”

Fast facts

MVL installed two generating sets powered by Perkins® 2506C-E15TAG2A and 4008- TAG2A engines to provide dependable electric power solution at its site in Gurugram.

Customer: MVL Gurugram

Location: MVL I PARK, Sector – 15 Part II Gurugram

Engine Specification: 2506C-E15TAG2A and 4008-TAG2A

Application: Prime

Rating: 500 kVA and 1010kVA

Sector: Real Estate




The Perkins 2500 range of diesel engines provides you with output ratings of 455-624 kVA, catering for both your prime and standby power generation needs. The features and benefits of the 2000 Series ensure your generation needs are met. Flexible packaging of the 6 cylinder engines caters for the space you have available, and with mechanically operated unit fuel injectors, electronic control and carefully matched turbocharging, our 2500 range gives you performance and economy.

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