Landmark Pluit Tower in Jakarta

Landmark Pluit Tower, Jakarta, Indonesia


PT. Prasto Propertindo started construction work on its impressive new office block, the Landmark Pluit Tower, in 2013. In order to meet the company’s needs, the building, which has 15 floors, required standby power to be installed on each floor.

Perkins steps up

With a requirement for dependable standby power, PT. Prasto Propertindo needed to install 39 generator sets within its office tower.

Perkins engines provide results

Key considerations for PT. Prasto Propertindo include low cost of ownership and good product support, so PT. Traktor Nusantara, the Perkins Engines appointed distributor in Indonesia and an experienced manufacturer of generator sets, were asked to consider the office requirements and make a recommendation on the appropriate size and mix of generator sets.

In the end, 39 Perkins powered generator sets, which offered the right cost of ownership and dependability, were installed on the roof of the Landmark Pluit Tower. This installation represents one of the largest populations of Perkins powered sets in Indonesia, working to provide standby power in one location.  

Perkins distributor PT. Traktor Nusantara is a popular name in the field of supplying quality diesel generator sets. We chose Perkins engines powered generating sets supplied by PT. Traktor Nusantara because of their unmatched experience in Indonesia. The team has been extremely helpful and has provided us with solutions. The installation was hassle free and met our requirements.
Mr. Harry Hartono, President Director, PT. Prasto Propertindo

Fast facts

PT. Prasto Propertindo has installed 39 generator sets powered by Perkins engines in its 15 floor office tower.

  • Customer: PT. Prasto Propertindo
  • Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Engine Specification:
    23 x 1306C-E87TAG6
    6 x 2506A-E15TAG2
    4 x 2806A-E18TAG2
    2 x 4006-23TAG3A
    2 x 4008TAG2A
    2 x 4012-46TWG2A
  • Application: Standby
  • Rating: 
    250 kVA prime rating
    500 kVA prime rating
    650 kVA prime rating
    800 kVA prime rating
    1000 kVA prime rating
  • 1250 kVA prime ratingSector: Real estate, residential / commercial

Perkins 4000 Series

Perkins 4000 Series

Whether your need is for standby or prime electricity generation, you need the performance and reliability that comes with our 4000 Series diesel engines. With models from 6 to 16 cylinders, the 4000 Series diesel engines are the real powerhouse of electricity generation. Diesel models achieve regulated and unregulated emissions standards globally.

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