Jubaili Bros and Perkins pump power to Dubai’s Heart of Europe

Construction camps and commercial offices situated on a cluster of man-made luxury islands in Dubai can now access all the power they need, thanks to a professional and dependable installation of 17 Perkins-powered generator sets.

The Heart of Europe is a collection of six man-made islands, located two miles off the coast of Dubai. It’s part of the city’s most ambitious architectural project to date, The World, which has seen 300 islands reclaimed from the sea and shaped into a map of the world.

The Heart of Europe’s six separate enclaves recreate the best of European design, heritage and culture in the form of luxury villas, palaces, and lavish holiday accommodation, such as the five-star Portofino Hotel and Mediterranean-influenced Cote D’Azur. For visitors, brokers and investors, the development sets a new benchmark for luxury living.

Established property business Kleindienst is the developer at the heart of The Heart of Europe. Since the company expanded into the Gulf in the early millennium, it has gone from strength to strength and is now widely regarded as the developer of choice across much of UAE. 

Jubaili Bros and Perkins pump power to Dubai’s Heart of Europe

Perkins unlocks power gridlock

Due to its challenging location, two miles out to sea, power to the islands is not yet available via Dubai’s main grid. So a dependable, high-performance prime power solution was required to meet the electrical needs of commercial properties on the island.

With an array of sophisticated homes, stylish apartments, a marina, restaurants, bars, boutiques, supermarkets and retail outlets to power, electrical demand would be substantial.

The developer reached out to Jubaili Bros, a leading supplier and manufacturer of Perkins-powered generator sets in the UAE. Kleindienst took the decision to work with Jubaili Bros based on its long history of delivering reliable service to the region’s electric power customers.

After carefully assessing the customer’s product requirements, Jubaili Bros designed a large-scale prime power installation consisting of 17 generator sets driven by the following Perkins power packs: 1 x 403A-15G2, 1 x 404A-22G1, 1 x 1104A-44TG2, 1 x 1104C-44TAG2, 1 x 1106A-70TG1, 3 x 1106A-70TAG2, 1 x 1106A-70TAG3, 4 x 1506A-E88TAG3, 2 x 1506A-E88TAG5, 1 x 2506A-E15TAG2, 1 x 4008TAG2A.

Prime solution

Since 2016, this ambitious installation has been pumping approximately 5,000 hours a year of prime power to The Heart of Europe, and fulfilling electrical requirements for construction camps and site offices across the islands.

Kleindienst has been extremely happy with the power solution, which has proved wholly robust and dependable. “We found Jubaili Bros outstanding to work with,” said a representative from Kleindienst. “They were very knowledgeable and professional, with complete technical knowledge. What’s more, Perkins is a leader in generator engines and can be trusted upon completely.”

With the support of Perkins, reliable critical power for the island has been made possible; putting this incredible development in prime position to make huge waves with the world’s wealthiest investors.