Huge deposit of power protects bank’s big data

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A vast installation of five generator sets – provided by Visa Spa equipped with Perkins engines – is giving a data centre in Kazakhstan the 8.5 MVA of power it needs to safely serve a key banking customer.

In recent years, data has become one of society’s most valuable resources. As a result, data centres are now central to the successful operations of millions of businesses.

The importance of big data isn’t lost on one of Kazakhstan’s largest data centres, which manages critical data for a major banking group. If the centre were to lose power, its own operating system could be undermined. The domino effect on its customer would be catastrophic, with all key services likely to come to a sudden stop.

With such serious potential consequences, it was essential the data centre sourced a leading-edge standby power system. It approached Italian manufacturer Visa Spa through its local dealer to deliver a solution that would ensure data continued to flow, without fail, should the mains drop out.


Highly dependable 4012-46TAG3A engines operating in Kazakhstan

Visa Spa

Robust power down to -40°C

Visa Spa had some challenges to overcome. Not least that all generator sets would be located outside the building, where temperatures could drop as low as -40°C in winter and +40°C in summer. With that in mind, Visa Spa’s engineers applied all their expertise, working side by side with the dealer who is specialised in data centre solutions, to ensure the unit’s systems were robust enough to prevent any loss of service due to freezing or water infiltration.

The business trusted Perkins to provide highly dependable engines for the unit. These took the form of five, 12 cylinder 4012-46TAG3A engines. Each one provides 1,700 kVA and, by operating in parallel, they deliver the 8.5 MVA required by the customer. The installation also meets the Data Centre Continuous (DCC) rating.

Visa Spa’s engineers and its partner worked closely with the customer at all stages of the project to create highly customised units that meet the customer’s tough requirements.

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