Hinduja Realty Ventures Ltd (HRVL) - Perkins® 4016-TAG2A


Hinduja Realty Ventures Ltd (HRVL), the Hinduja Group's real estate arm, have entered the real estate business. The group is developing a large integrated commercial complex – Ecopolis, in a prominent location at North Bangalore. Ecopolis is a 30-acre site that will comprise of IT/ITES SEZ. The non SEZ component includes 8.15 acres for a hotel, serviced apartments, retail and commercial offices, with a combined total built-up area of around 7.7 million square feet.


Perkins steps up

Ecopolis requires a reliable source of standby power supply. The commercial property has currently completed Phase 1, with Phase 2 under construction. Based on HRVL’s requirements, Perkins customer Ashok Leyland recommended installing the 4000 Series family, in particular 6 x Perkins® 4016-TAG2A engines rated at 2000 kVA. Strong relations with its Indian customers and positive responses from other clients helped Perkins secure the Ecopolis contract. 


Perkins engines provide results

The generator sets, which have been installed in Phase 1, are now ready to produce standby power in the event of a failure from the main supply. The engine’s excellent load acceptance capabilities along with their system integration, ensures Perkins engines are enhancing the productivity of the Ecopolis site. The installation of the 4016-TAG2A at Ecopolis is testament to how large and small businesses alike are relying on the Perkins 4000 Series engine to support their productivity at all times.

Ecopolis has installed 6 x 4016-TAG2A for their own 30 acres of land that comprises IT/ITES SEZ
“Based on OE brand image we have taken the DG sets from Ashok Leyland and there is a positive response in terms of service from both Ashok Leyland and Perkins. We had good experience with the team during installations and commissioning. The response and turnaround time is good.”
Mr. Mahesh Kalkar, Head – Business Development, HRVL
A total of five Perkins® 4006D-23TAG2A engines are installed at Praja Infratech's premises

Fast facts

Ecopolis has installed 6 x 4016-TAG2A for their own 30 acres of land that comprises IT/ITES SEZ

  • Customer: Hinduja Realty Ventures Ltd (HRVL)
  • Location: Bangalore, India
  • Engine specification: 6 x 4016-TAG2A
  • Applicaiton: Standby power
  • Rating: 2000 kVA
  • Sector: Real Estate