Going to the extreme for Kuwaiti cement plant

Despite doing business in demanding desert conditions, a cement plant in Kuwait is keeping its kilns and conveyors running thanks to a power solution supplied by Italian generator set experts Visa.

Powering the needs of your business can be a challenge when you’re located in the world’s most extreme environments.

One of Kuwait’s leading cement plants understands just how that feels. The company’s site, located in the Mina Alzour area of the country, is located in a remote desert area. There’s no access to a main power supply, summer temperatures can exceed 50˚C and there are desert dust and sand storms to contend with.

Despite those challenges, the site is an overwhelming success. And much of its progress can be traced back to the company’s decision to source a reliable prime power solution from Italian generator set supplier Visa.

When the company reached out to Visa, it knew what was required; a continuous flow of prime power that could keep all its operations, machines and technologies – such as kilns and conveyors – running around the clock regardless of the weather.

Going to the extreme for Kuwaiti cement plant

Maximising generator uptime

Any power outage would mean lost productivity for the business, so the team needed a reliable solution to maximise uptime. Quality couldn’t be compromised and only the highest standard of generator set components would be fit for purpose.

Visa was ready to meet the challenge. Having supported the power generation of various businesses since 1960, the company has evolved into a major EP player internationally. Its dedication, commitment and product quality have been rewarded with global success and Visa now works in 60 countries on seven continents, employing a total of 284 people.

To deliver the dependable prime power the customer required to keep the plant’s facilities functioning, Visa selected four generator sets driven by Perkins® 4012‐46TWG2A engines.

Each 4012-46TWG2A provides 1250 kVA and offers the advantage of quick start-up and low running costs thanks to its outstanding power-to-weight ratio. Equipped with a tropical cooling system, it also maintains exceptional efficiency at high ambient temperatures. With this practical balance of affordability and dependability, it was the ideal solution for the Kuwaiti customer.

Unfaltering flow of power

Installed in 2017, the generator sets now provide power to the site for around 3,500 hours a year, ensuring critical functions run smoothly and without interruption. It’s an unfaltering flow of power that will help cement the company’s ongoing productivity and success.

“Over many years, we’ve partnered with Perkins on our generator set solutions because of the widespread global recognition of its brand and its reputation for manufacturing quality, reliable products. By choosing to work with Visa and Perkins, the customer now has a power solution that supports the success of its business through quality components and the kind of exceptional aftersales service that means expert technical support is never far away.” ”
Lorraine Borgo, Visa international Sales Manager