Generac lights the way for builders in Benin

Power systems expert Generac shone its expertise on a major construction project in Benin, Africa. By providing dependable lighting towers to the site, the lights stayed on and the build stayed on schedule.

Porto-Novo is Benin’s second largest city and also its capital. Despite historic economic challenges, the city is increasingly investing in construction and infrastructure projects as it steadily becomes more prosperous.

However, conditions in the city can be challenging. Above-average temperatures, for example, put added pressure on construction machines and generators. Meanwhile, just like in other global cities, space can be at a premium. What that means for power systems is that only the most well-engineered, compact and robust solutions are typically up to the job.

This was the reality faced by a leading construction firm when it embarked on a significant project in the city. One of the company’s key requirements was that work on the site wouldn’t be performed only during daylight hours, so the project could proceed at pace.

It required a lighting tower solution that would provide the required after-dark illumination, while helping the city address its unique environmental challenges.

Generac lights the way for builders in Benin

Innovative lighting solutions

The company reached out to power systems expert Generac Mobile Products for assistance to find a suitable solution. Generac Mobile Products is an industry leader in providing innovative lighting solutions to the construction and mining industry.

Generac’s lighting towers are a popular choice due to their ease of set-up, operation and maintenance. They are favoured by customers in many different disciplines including construction, mining, roadworks, industrial maintenance, sporting and music events.

After reviewing the construction company’s requirements, Generac Mobile Products selected a solution comprising VT8 lighting towers, driven by Perkins® 403D-11 engines. The installation would meet the customer’s needs for a robust but compact solution and provide the added benefit of being simple to move and operate by its construction teams. The VT8 was the natural choice given its high-quality features combined with proven robustness to handle any construction conditions.

The Perkins 403D-11 engines provide excellent power density, superb fuel economy, quiet operation and consistent performance in extreme conditions.

Reliably lighting the way

Installed at the site in September 2016, each lighting tower has provided a dependable yearly usage of 1,000 hours.

“Perkins engines were the only choice. They bring the combination of a proven, reliable engine, excellent service and genuine parts availability, which is extremely useful for a customer in the construction industry that needs dependable power alongside expert technical support.”
,” Davide Salesi, Area Sales Manager, Generac Mobile Products