Four megawatts of Perkins power supports luxury living in Lebanon

Uninterrupted power is an understandable necessity for residents at Waterfront City Dbayeh, an exclusive development in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. Thanks to a powerful combination of Perkins-powered generator sets, they now enjoy a level of reliability the local grid could not match.

While Lebanon’s energy infrastructure has improved significantly since the end of the country’s civil war in 1990, the power grid remains unpredictable and outages are commonplace.

For the country’s luxury property developers, it’s imperative they install enough reliable prime power generation to ensure residents get the continuous power they demand.

This was the reality for property firm Al Futtaim, when it won the contract to build a community of high-end houses and apartments at one of Beirut’s most exclusive residential addresses, Waterfront City Dbayeh.

The properties have spectacular sea views and are surrounded by leisure facilities, including shops, restaurants, health clubs, spas and swimming pools.

At such a premium address, every detail, from its lavish furnishings and finishes to its prime power generation technology, has to be exceptional.

Four megawatts of Perkins power supports luxury living in Lebanon

Turning to a trusted supplier

Al Futtaim contacted Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and generator supplier Jubaili Bros for advice on selecting a suitable power solution.

Jubaili Bros has a strong connection with Lebanon having been founded in the country back in1977. Since then, the company has expanded to employ 1,500 employees across nine countries, so it was just the type of leading and trusted provider the contractor was looking for.

Al Futtaim required a heavyweight package of generator sets that could deliver 4 mW of prime power to the neighbourhood. Fundamental to its search was proven and dependable power, all at a competitive price point.

Jubaili Bros understood that with such high standards expected from residents and the business, only generator sets constructed from the best, most dependable components would fit the bill. Taking that into consideration, it selected Jet-branded generator sets powered by Perkins engines.

“We knew that this solution provided optimum value to the customer. It would deliver the reliable power and performance they demanded, while also giving them access to the extra value we could provide through Perkins exceptional aftersales services, including genuine parts availability and unrivalled technical support.””
Hadi Mroue, Procurement Manager, Jubaili Bros


Prime solution keeps the power on

Happy with Jubaili Bros proposed solution, the company installed seven Jet generator sets on the Waterfront City site, powered by a Perkins® 4006TAG2, 2206A-E13TAG2, 2506A-E15TAG2, 1306C-TAG1, 2806A-E18TAG2 and two 4012A-46TWG2.

Since the end of 2017, this powerhouse package of generator sets has been reliably supplying residents day and night with the uninterrupted source of electricity they need. So, while other Beirut buildings continue to suffer inconvenient outages, Waterfront City Dbayeh residents always have the power on.

Mr Mroue added: “This project was important for Jubaili Bros because it was an opportunity to demonstrate how well equipped we are to service large clients with high-value projects.

“We showed that our technical capabilities are exceptional and, by providing Perkins engines as part of our power solution, we achieved another very satisfied customer.”