Becamex International Hospital


Investment and Industrial Development Corporation (Becamex IDC Corp.) was established in 1976, and has over 35 years of experience in the construction and development sectors. Becamex IDC has now become a prestigious brand name in the field of investment and development of industrial, residential, urban and transportation infrastructure. Becamex IDC has 28 subsidiaries and joint ventures including healthcare and hospitals.

Perkins steps up

All hospitals have a critical requirement for a reliable supply of constant power, to power a variety of life-saving applications. Given its previous work with Perkins, Becamex IDC chose a Perkins® 4016-61TRG3 and a 4012-46TAG2A, known for their reliability and high power density, to provide standby power.  

Perkins engines provide results

Becamex International Hospital selected 2 generating sets supplied by Ho Chi Minh City based ‘SBM Power’, fitted with the Perkins 4000 Series engines due to their high performance parameters and ability to support its critical applications. Becamex required superior high load acceptance, power density and reliability – all of which are delivered through SBM Power’s generating sets powered by Perkins engines.

“Being in the Healthcare sector, we needed to choose the best engine to support the critical requirments at our hospital. 'SBM Power' generating sets powered with Perkins had the right mix of standards to fit in our requirements.” Mr. Lai Xuan Nghia M&E Director BECAMEX IDC CORP

Fast facts

Becamex International Hospital installed Perkins engines to provide dependable power for its critical applications

  • End user: Investment and Industrial Development Corporation
  • Location: Thu Dau Mot District, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
  • Engine specification: 1 x 4016-61TRG3, 1 x x4012-46TAG2A
  • Applicaiton: Standby power
  • Rating: 1 x 2250 kVA, 1 x 1500 kVA
  • Date of installation: 2015


Perkins installation of 4016-61TRG3 and 4012-46TAG2A at Becamex International Hospital, Vietnam
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