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As a leading engine provider for the generator set market, Perkins has more than 85 years’ expertise to share with customers and equipment owners. Catch up with the latest news from Perkins which is focused on the electric power industry.

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Rail passengers around the globe are enjoying safe and uninterrupted journeys thanks to the back-up power solutions delivered by Ausonia and Perkins.

No rail or metro station can keep its customers safe – and their days on track – without a dependable standby power solution. With critical loads tending to be connected to safety equipment, such as firefighting systems, ventilation and alarms, back-up generation is nothing short of a necessity.

However, the location of many stations can pose problems for generator set manufacturers. If they’re in large, urban centres – as many are – generator sets need to meet strict requirements on size, noise and emissions. Often, they’ll need to perform faultlessly in extremely high or low temperatures.

Ausonia power

Ausonia always on point

One business with proven expertise in the rail sector is Italian power firm Ausonia. It provides a full complement of services: from consultancy with complete mechanical and electrical design up to manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

The company has collaborated with Perkins on several metro station installations, having built a trusted relationship that stretches all the way back to 1932.

Perkins regularly supplies engines across its 4000 Series, including the 4006, 4008, 4012, and 4016. Not only do they meet Ausonia’s power needs from 800 to 1,500 kVA, they provide the proven reliability that Ausonia’s reputation depends on.

Perkins support extends further. Its application engineers also work closely with Ausonia to develop the right ventilation, noise and sizing solutions for every job.  

“We use Perkins because the excellent power density of their engines allows us to find the best trade-off between sizing and performances,” said Middle East sales manager Alessandro Pompei. “At the same time, we get the added value of their global support network.

“Thanks to the Perkins partnership, whose brand is appreciated worldwide, we’ve established long-term agreements with major global transport businesses.”

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