Arken meets energy needs of Kigali Business Center

A dependable prime power installation, provided by Turkish generator set experts Arken, is helping cement the success of a high-end leisure and office development in the Rwandan city of Kigali.

The Kigali Business Center is a $20 million construction development in the heart of the city of Kigali, Rwanda. The towering 10-story building will provide much-needed office and commercial space in the city, attracting a mix of local and international businesses and brands.

With 24,000 square metres of retail and work space, the development is expected to create around 1,000 new jobs in supermarkets, banks, retailers, telecommunication companies and restaurants.

While the building’s size and aesthetics are key to its success, so too is the supply of reliable utilities to its development. A continuous power supply could not be obtained, so developers set out to find a powerful prime solution.

It turned to leading Turkish generator set firm Arken for support. With more than 20 years of experience supplying generator set power solutions to customers, and with 14,000 square metres of facilities that allow it to produce 5,000 units from 10 to 2500 kVA every year, Arken was the right fit to deliver the right solution.

Kigali Business Center

Proven Perkins power

Applying its vast knowledge of the sector to this opportunity, Arken selected two generators powered by Perkins® 2506A-E15TAG2 engines to provide a powerful prime solution that met all the needs of the development.

Arken’s technical solution enabled the units to work synchronously, so the generators could operate in unison, when needed, to meet higher electrical loads. Other key features included an additional 15,000 litre fuel tank and a double-bonded chassis to reinforce the robustness of the installation.

Part of the Perkins® 2500 Series range, the 2506A-E15TAG2 is developed from a proven heavy-duty industrial base to offer superior performance and reliability. It’s a turbocharged and air-to-air chargecooled 6 cylinder diesel engine with premium components providing exceptional power-to-weight ratio and exceptional fuel consumption. Its overall performance and reliability characteristics make it a prime choice for today’s power generation industry.

An installation that excels

The generator sets have excelled in providing prime power since they were installed in December 2017, typically being called into action for around three hours per day.

“With our young and dynamic team, Arken follows the latest technologies and developments within the industry. “We believe in the power of innovation and we always focus on providing tailored engineering solutions to meet our customers’ unique requirements. We select our suppliers meticulously to ensure we only manufacture the best products with top quality standards. We selected Perkins engines for the installation because of the reliability of its brand, spare parts convenience and our long-standing relationship with the team. Our customers appreciate working with the Perkins brand because it always follows the latest technologies and improvements, offers a widespread service network and a reputable brand worldwide.” Melis Akdeniz, Arken International Trade Manager.