Alimar revitalises city’s drinking water infrastructure

A thriving Turkish city, which previously faced regular interruptions in its water supply, can now keep the taps on thanks to a large-scale installation by generator set experts Alimar.

Tekirdag is a Turkish province 135 kilometres west of Istanbul. The supply of drinking water in the region is managed by the Tekirdag General Directorate of Water and Sewerage Administration (TESKI).

The city of Corlu is a rapidly growing industrial centre in the region. As its population has grown, so too has the demand for improved infrastructure to ensure an uninterrupted supply of drinking water.

Previously, during any failure in the local electricity supply, the wells and motors used to distribute water would fail to operate. This would result in frustrating interruptions to the flow of drinking water to homes and workplaces.

Keen to make rapid improvements, TESKI set out to make a significant investment in the city’s water infrastructure. Integral to its plans was a series of generator sets that would ensure the town’s drinking water was no longer be affected by electricity interruptions on the local grid.

Alimar revitalises city’s drinking water infrastructure

Meeting the challenge

TESKI took the challenge to generator set producer and supplier Alimar, which was founded in Ankara in 1956. Alimar manufactures generators from 3-2500 kVA for use in lighting towers, welding machines and synchronised systems. They are trusted by customers to supply solutions that offer a competitive price point, high quality products and fast delivery times.

The company recently expanded its manufacturing facilities to have the capacity to build 7,000 generators a year. With five district offices, 20 dealers in Turkey and 25 more worldwide, along with all the international quality standards you would expect from a global player, Alimar had all the experience and skills TESKI wanted in a power partner.

Alimar’s large-scale, city-wide solution comprised 26 generator sets, powered by two Perkins® 1103A-33TG1, 14 x 1106A-70TG1, four x 1506A-E88TAG3 and six x 2506A-E15TAG1 engines.

The generator sets support the uninterrupted operation of pumps, which supply water to the city and surrounding areas. So when the mains fails to deliver, Alimar’s solution, driven by Perkins engines, keeps homes and businesses across Corlu reliably supplied with the drinking water they need.

Cost-effective and dependable

The Perkins engines featured in the installation, part of the Perkins® 1100, 1500 and 2500 Series, bring an array of benefits. The 1103A-33TG1 and 1106A-70TG1 provide cost-effective power, coupled with high load acceptance for standby installations.

The 1506A-E88TAG3 provides the perfect balance of low running costs, world-class power density and dependable performance. The 2506A-E15TAG1, meanwhile, also delivers the high performance and economy Alimar’s customer demands. With the installation’s engines providing power outputs from 75 to 624 kVA, the company’s requirement for a diverse and flexible solution has been reliably and professionally met.

Since their installation in September 2017, the generator sets have been called into action for up to 250 hours per year, reliably providing the back-up power that Corlu’s water customers so urgently need.

“The importance and size of this project was a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the strength of the Alimar brand. Perkins engines were our preferred choice because they give us the quality we and our customers demand, along with extensive aftersales support across the world. Perkins engines really sell themselves.””
Ahmet Savas, Electrical and Electronics Engineer for Alimar