Teksan Powering residences and rigs in Saudi Arabia

A strategic decision to support the power market in Saudi Arabia is paying off for Turkish generator set manufacturer Teksan. The company supplied 20 generator sets to customer Bin Quaraya, which is using them to power its residential and rental installations.

Construction rental business Bin Quaraya has been serving major clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1975. Alongside its position as the leading mobile crane and heavy equipment rental firm in the Kingdom, it also offers electric generator rental to clients looking for reliable power solutions.

In 2017, the company made the decision to invest in a fresh fleet of generator sets. The timing couldn’t have been better for Turkish generator set manufacturer Teksan, which had made the strategic decision to expand its operations into the Saudi Arabian market.

Teksan had a lot to offer Bin Quaraya. Since 1994, it had been busy building a strong reputation for delivering high-quality power solutions.

With an impressive record designing tailored solutions to fit customers’ unique requirements, along with strong aftersales, maintenance and service support, Bin Quaraya selected Teksan to design and build its power solution.

Teksan Powering residences and rigs in Saudi Arabia

From doorsteps to drilling rigs

Bin Quaraya had two functions in mind for the generator sets. First, it required prime power for its own residential camp near its headquarters in Salasil. This secure compound provides housing, services and facilities for its employees; located in a remote region north-east of Riyadh, the site requires prime power support to keep the lights on.

Secondly, it needed a new line-up of generator sets for a rental client in the oil and gas industry. The customer, oilfield service provider Schlumberger, had won a contract to provide drilling rigs and services for up to 146 gas wells and 128 oil wells in the Kingdom. It would require considerable prime generation support to keep its machinery and operations online in a region where mains access wasn’t available.

To meet Bin Quaraya’s wide-ranging needs, Teksan supplied 20 generator sets powered by eight x Perkins® 1106A-70TAG3 engines, eight x 2206A-E13TAG2 engines and four x 2806A-E18TAG1A engines.

The 1106A-70TAG3 delivers 150 kVA of prime power with dependable operation and low cost of ownership. What’s more, it’s built to cope with variations in fuel quality that can occur in different parts of the world. The 2206A-E13TAG2 delivers 350 kVA of prime power, is turbocharged and air-cooled and provides exceptional performance and economy. Meanwhile, the 2806A-E18TAG1A delivers 600 kVA of prime power, is again turbocharged and air-cooled and is a proven, robust performer in the harshest environmental conditions.

Providing function and flexibility

Teksan’s solution has provided Bin Quaraya with the broad range of power outputs and the flexibility to satisfy the needs of its employees and its customer.

With the generators installed since the end of 2017, Bin Quaraya is seeing first-hand the benefits of choosing Teksan’s generator sets driven by Perkins engines. 

“Our high-quality generator sets come with international quality certifications and are built only with components from the world’s top engine brands. We chose Perkins engines because of the easy access the company provides to genuine spare parts. Technical experts who really understand the engines are always on hand to provide advice and the engines give the ease of maintenance our customer demands. Perkins provides us and our customer with peace of mind that its engines will be reliable and that if anything goes wrong, any downtime will always be minimised.”
Faruk Eroglu, Teksan Area Sales Manager

Teksan’s trusted dealer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery (ALJM).