United Nations International School of Hanoi - Perkins® 4012-46TWG2A

When a leading school in Vietnam required a new power solution to meet its expansion plans, the Marapco MP1375E generator set powered by a Perkins® 4012-46TWG2A, proved best in class.

The United Nations International School of Hanoi, Vietnam always strives for excellence whether that’s with its students or its suppliers.

From modest beginnings in the borrowed classroom of a local high school in 1988, it has grown to become one of the country’s leading places of learning.

Today, the school welcomes more than 1,100 students to its purpose-built campus, hosting students from more than 60 different nationalities who speak 40 languages.

Recognised by the government of Vietnam as a symbol of what is best in international education, the school has significant plans for expansion.

It’s embarking on an ambitious five-year plan to build a new wing, which will include a state-of-the-art canteen, covered sports courts and an artificial soccer pitch that students and visitors can use all year round.

Additional facilities require additional power, so the school has installed a bespoke generator control room to ensure the lights are always on and the new facilities are fully functioning.

Marapco powers UN International School with Marapco MP1375E

Perkins engines provide results

The school turned to respected local generator manufacturer and supplier Jubaili Bros for help finding the right power solution. It selected the company due to its strong reputation for providing end-to-end support from design, supply and installation to aftersales assistance once the generator was installed.

Founded in 1977 by Rajab Jubaili, in Saida, Lebanon, Jubaili Bros operates in nine different countries today through 28 branches and service centres with more than 1,500 employees.

It’s dedicated to delivering the right power solutions that help customers accomplish their electric power ambitions, supplying products that set the highest benchmarks for power applications worldwide.

After working closely with the customer to understand its precise power needs, Jubaili Bros recommended and supplied a Marapco MP1375E synchronised generator set powered by the Perkins® 4012-46TWG2A.

Marapco generators, which are designed and assembled in the UK, chose Perkins to power the generator set because of the engine manufacturer’s competitive pricing, technical aftersales support and an already well-established local Perkins dealer.

“We’re working to leverage the value of the ‘Made in UK’ brand that comes with every Marapco and Perkins offering, so we’re really pushing Perkins powered generator sets in the region. A unique selling point is its dependable provision of aftersales support, genuine parts availability and expert technical assistance at every stage.”
Peter Johnston, Head of Marketing and Sales at Marapco

Value-added partnership pays off

The MP1375E generator set was installed in October and will be used as a standby application, with a yearly usage of around 500 hours. It is also synchronised with two other generators, rated at 50 Hz 400V.

The school’s cutting-edge generator control room houses the generator sets, all switch gear and includes built-in stainless steel louvers and exhaust system for sound attenuation and aspiration.

Thanks to the combined expertise and value-added partnership of Jubaili Bros, Marapco and Perkins, The United Nations International School of Hanoi has all the power it needs to succeed in the next chapter of its journey as an exceptional place to learn.