Khondbond and Katamati in Orissa


Metso India Pvt Ltd is a leading industrial company that serves the mining aggregates, recycling, oil, gas, pulp, paper and process industries. Providing a global network of more than 80 service centres and about 6,000 services professionals, it has grown to become a Euro 2.8 billion company. To support the manufacturing unit’s operational efficiency, Metso required a consistent and cost effective power supply. 


Perkins steps up

As Metso is focused on delivering critical applications, it relies on a dependable supply of power from generator sets. At Khondbond and Katamati in Orissa, iron ore crushing is an essential process to abstract pure iron. Certain stages in the process require a continuous power supply. As the terrain at Khondband and Katamati is difficult, the generator sets and their engines, need to be both robust and compact.

Khondbond and Katamati in Orissa

Perkins engines provide results

Metso chose generator sets powered by Perkins® 4000 and 2000 Series engines for the Khondbond and Katamati sites because they are proven to deliver reliable power, even in the harshest of conditions. The oil usage in the engine has low wear rates, ensuring rapid and smooth starting of the engine. The engines, fitted within Captiva generator sets, are compact, easy to install and transport. Metso operates the generator sets for 6,000 hours a year, so cost of ownership was also an important consideration for the company. As Perkins engines are fuel efficient and simple to maintain, they were ideally suited to the requirements.

“Perkins and Metso have worked together since December 2015. We were supplied Perkins powered generating sets through their GOEM, Captiva. Our experience so far has been satisfying. We chose prime genset because of critical needs that industry demands. The low capex and operational cost which fits into our budget makes it more feasible to us. We continue to look forward working with Perkins in the coming years.”
Mr Gaurav Jain, Development and Sourcing, Metso India Pvt. Ltd.

Fast facts

Perkins installed a 750 kVA and a 500 kVA engine at Khondbond and two 500 kVA engines at Katamati.

  • Customer: Metso India Pvt Ltd
  • Location: Odisha, India
  • Engine specification: 4006D-23TAG2A & 3 x 2506D-E15TAG2
  • Applicaiton: Prime
  • Rating: 750 kVA and 500 kVA
  • Sector: Mining (Crushers application)