Perkins – kingpins of electric power

Perkins – kingpins of electric power

With an engine to suit every region and application, 24/7 service and support from our robust global network, and major investment across our product range, Perkins is the engine supplier of choice for electric power.

Whether you’re a large original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or smaller business, Perkins can power your full generator line-up with a comprehensive range of engines from 5 to 2,500 kVA. From prime power that runs around the clock to standby solutions that fire up when the grid goes down, Perkins has a world-class engine for every application.

Perkins reputation for world-class performance and quality is second to none – and we continue to invest and innovate across our products and services.

“Our business has the global experience to offer the right solutions for every market,” said electric power marketing manager Karan Ohri. “Whether that’s our customers in the Middle East, Asia or Africa with our range of high power-density engines and tailored support packages.  Or our customers in the EU and North America, with our simple, efficient and reliable EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final engines. With a global manufacturing footprint, Perkins has the capability to cater for our customers’ demands across the world with no compromise on quality.”

Our excellence in engines is matched by superior customer support.

“Our dedicated engineering teams collaborate with customers and become one of their team from machine concept to completion, providing technical advice, support with generator set design, installation support, technical advice and training,” said Karan.

And once your generator set is out in the market, Perkins continues to support the owners and operators who depend on it.

“With our network of 67 distributors in 178 countries, you have a local dealer who will maximise your generator uptime and provide engine, parts and sales support 24/7,” added Karan.


Electric power case studies

Generator sets powered by Perkins are found around the globe. Our case studies show how generator set manufacturers and end-users make use of Perkins extraordinary knowledge, engineering expertise, reputation for world-class performance and quality.

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