Perkins – electric power solutions for every need and node

The electric power sector never stands still, and neither does Perkins. We’re dedicated to driving our engine innovation forward and providing superior 24/7 service and support, all with the aim of increasing the productivity, growth and success of customers’ businesses across the globe.

Across every subsector of the electric power industry – from hospitals to residential high rises and telecoms towers to high-usage data centres – Perkins is trusted to provide the failsafe power that saves lives, supports economies and provides peace of mind for many thousands of people.

Our business has been powering the success of generator set manufacturers for more than 85 years. Customers continue to count on our world-class people to create efficient, reliable and innovative engine solutions for every node – and every need. 

“Perkins engines help manufacturers sell their generators,” said Trevor Toulson, Perkins EAME and CIS regional director.

“Their customers know that when they buy a Perkins-powered generator set, it will be ready to generate guaranteed power on demand and deliver market-leading performance, exceptional reliability and a lifetime of low cost.”

Perkins – electric power solutions for every need and node

All engines great and small

Perkins customers benefit from being able to power their complete generator line-up with one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced ranges of EP engines available – running from 5 kVA to 2500 kVA.

Our engines meet all the emissions requirements needed by our customers, hit all the key power nodes and provide a one-stop option for manufacturers large and small.

“We can meet all your needs from the smallest engine to the largest, and this gives customers significant advantages,” said Trevor. “With just one source of supply, they’ll deal with the same people on the same commercial terms in the same way. They have a dedicated account manager to handle all their enquiries and a dedicated engineering team to support all their design and installation needs.”

Our global service and support network offers another compelling reason to collaborate with Perkins.

“Our unique distributor network means that wherever manufacturers’ generators end up, their customers will have a local dealer, who speaks their language, close by to support them,” said Trevor. “Our distributors are there to exceed your expectations, maximise the uptime of your machines and provide engine, parts and sales support 24/7.

“Perkins adds value for OEMs in other ways, too. We support all our customers from machine concept to completion, providing technical information, support with generator set design, installation support, technical advice and training to ensure your generator set business has a competitive advantage over your competitors.”

Fully prepared to power the future

In an extremely competitive electric power market, Perkins is committed to continual innovation across all its products and services.

“We’re doing a huge amount of work on increasing power density, so customers get more power from the same volume of engine,” said Trevor. “This allows customers to downsize their engines, which reduces their manufacturing costs, cuts transport costs and reduces the machine’s operating costs. So it makes a positive impact on your bottom line.”

Improvements across the Perkins brand don’t end there.

“With customers in many territories facing increasingly stringent emission standards, we’re committed to designing engine solutions that meet your requirements, while also meeting your demands for value, innovation and performance,” said Trevor.

"We're also leading the way on engine connectivity with the introduction of Perkins® SmartCap.  The device provides valuable engine information straight to customers’ phones. After downloading the Perkins® My Engine App it’s particularly useful for rental companies, allowing them to monitor, cheaply and easily, where their generator set is installed and how many hours it’s running for. We’re continuing to work on technical and digital solutions that make our customers more productive and profitable.”

So wherever your electric power solutions operate, Perkins provides the efficient and dependable engines, technical expertise and superior service and support to power your business’ long-term success.