Perkins Aurangabad: local lead times, global excellence

Perkins $150m manufacturing facility in Aurangabad, India, produces world-class Perkins® 4000 Series engines for an ever-growing base of global customers looking for electric power solutions that excel.

With customers across the Middle East and Asia showing an ever-increasing demand for reliable and dependable electricity, Perkins high-performing facility in Aurangabad is ideally placed to meet those needs.

Operational since 2015, the state-of-the art 120,000 sqm site manufactures and supplies the powerful 4000 Series closer to a growing base of electric power customers.

“From day one, our objective has been clear,” said Jawed Ahmed, managing director of Perkins India. “To achieve Perkins global high standards across all areas of the facility, including safety, quality, delivery and cost.”

While Aurangabad may not be the first Indian city to come to most people’s minds, there were compelling reasons why Perkins selected it as a new base in its global network.

“India is firmly on the world stage as a provider of goods and services, and Aurangabad is its fastest growing industrial city,” said Jawed.

Perkins Aurangabad: local lead times, global excellence

“Aurangabad offers excellent transport and communications links and is strategically located on the Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor. It’s also at the centre of a network of established engineering companies that provide a local supply of components of guaranteed quality and reliability. This helps us optimise our supply chain and get engines to customers quicker.”

Consistent and unparalleled levels of quality

Perkins has invested $150m into making the Aurangabad facility a shining light in modern manufacturing. As with the Perkins 4000 Series manufacturing facility in Stafford, UK, its equipment, assembly lines, processes and quality control all demonstrate the best in current engineering thinking, ensuring that both the Stafford and Aurangabad sites deliver the consistent and unparalleled levels of global quality that come with buying a Perkins engine.

“This is a world-class facility in terms of our infrastructure, manufacturing set-up and our people,” said Trevor Toulson, EAME and CIS regional director. “It was built by one of India’s longest established construction companies using the highest specification materials to make it a true centre of manufacturing excellence.

“The facility uses leading-edge digital and robotic technology for machining, assembly, testing and painting. Every engine is hot-tested to ensure the performance is consistent with our global standards. Each engine also undergoes pre-delivery inspection, as we leave nothing to chance in our pursuit of quality.”

Precision processes, exceptional people

Perkins global facilities all manufacture products via the established Caterpillar Production System (CPS) which brings customers another guarantee of quality.

“All our engines are produced using CPS, which ensures the same efficient processes and stringent quality controls are implemented at every facility,” said Trevor. “We also integrate methodologies such as 6 Sigma and CPS-Lean to drive continuous improvement and guarantee excellence and reliability for customers.”

Of course, processes are only as good as the people who follow them. “That’s why we have a management team in place – all hand-picked and locally based in Aurangabad – with over 120 years of engine and operational experience,” added Jawed. “High standards extend to the factory floor, too, with all technicians required to complete a two-month training programme before they can join our production line.”

Results at Aurangabad have been suitably exceptional across safety, quality and the customer experience

“Through a zero-injury safety philosophy we’ve achieved more than 14 million man hours of injury-free operation to date. Similarly, a zero-defect culture has helped us achieve zero missed defects in 36 months, along with a first-pass success rate during testing of over 99 percent,” said Jawed.

Perkins is keen to build on the impressive success in Aurangabad and is investing further for the future.

“This year, the facility is upgrading its machines and systems in order to deliver a new generation of 4000 Series engine, including the 4006 Electronic,” said Trevor. “This investment will ensure Perkins product line-up continues to exceed our competitors’ offering.”

“The latest investment in our facility will ensure Perkins product line-up continues to exceed our competitors’ offering.”
Trevor Toulson, EAME and CIS regional director