Perkins and Visa SpA deliver right result for FIFA in Russia

With millions of fans watching, and billions in advertising and broadcasting revenue at stake, organizers of the 2018 FIFA World Cup couldn’t afford for their stadiums’ power to fail. They teamed up with Visa SpA to talk tactics and deliver a winning Perkins-powered solution.

The FIFA World Cup, contested every four years by the globe’s elite national football teams, showcases the beautiful game at its best. The most recent tournament in Russia saw thousands of fans pack the nation’s top stadiums and millions more tune in at home.

The 12 venues selected to host Russia’s sporting extravaganza were more power-hungry than you might think. Alongside the floodlights, other lighting, bars and facilities, there were TV screens, cameras and advertising boards that all needed dependable power to perform.

At an event of such magnitude, any power failure was unthinkable for organizers. An outage off the pitch would be like a missed penalty on it, so guaranteeing uninterrupted supply was a top priority.

Visa SpA joins the team

Organizers turned to Italian generator set manufacturer Visa SpA to develop a solution that would ensure seamless power for critical equipment, including the large pitchside LED boards that carry sponsors’ messages, other powered advertising boards and screens for supporters.

Perkins and Visa SpA deliver right result for FIFA in Russia

Visa SpA has been supporting businesses’ power generation needs since 1960, and the company’s dedication, commitment and product quality have been rewarded with global success. Today, Visa SpA employs almost 300 people and manufactures state-of-the-art machines at its factory in Fontanelle, North East Italy. The company’s products are sold in 80 countries across seven continents.

For this project, Visa SpA worked closely with the client to understand its requirements and develop a power solution even more dependable than the world’s best players.

The chosen solution consisted of 16 diesel generator sets, each powered by a Perkins® 2806A-E18TAG2 engine with the capability to achieve up to 650 kVA of standby power.

Efficient performance, competitive advantage

This 18.1 liter powerhouse of an engine delivers on performance, reliability and efficiency. Mechanically operated unit fuel injectors, electronic control and carefully matched turbocharging ensure economical performance.

The innovative features found on the engine contributed to many of the generators’ most attractive features, including their durable operation, low emissions, fuel savings and ease of maintenance.

Onis Visa’s system fully complied with FIFA’s strict requirements to generate consistent and efficient power for guaranteed coverage, no matter the conditions. Another winning strike for the Italian firm was its successful completion of the entire project in a mere three weeks, to meet the client’s strict deadline.

With such an important role to play in Russia, Onis Visa’s generators, powered by Perkins 2806A engines, ensured FIFA had the uninterrupted power off the pitch to match the electric performances on it.