New 1706 engine enters EP market

MEE 2019 is the launchpad for the Perkins® 1706 engine as we open the order book on our latest state-of-the-art platform designed to deliver maximum benefit to customers in the electric power (EP) sector.

The start of MEE 2019 marks a significant milestone for Perkins customers in the EP sector as we begin taking orders for our new 1706 engine, which delivers enhanced performance from a smaller, lighter package.

The 1706A on show at MEE has a 9.3 litre displacement and is designed to offer our customers maximum competitive advantage. It achieves greater power density from a smaller platform – a 22 percent improvement on the 13 litre 2206 platform – and is packed with modern technology to ensure reliability, performance and dependability.

The power to do more

The 1706 will deliver the prime and standby power needed by generator set manufacturers across a wide range of applications from construction sites to hospitals and retail complexes. The engine will offer a maximum power of 350 kVA prime and 385 kVA standby for 50 Hz markets.

New 1706 engine enters EP market

The engine, which is built at our world-class facility at Seguin in Texas, is also switchable – making  it suitable for the U.S. market or, for example, operations on board a ship where 60 Hz would be the requirement. Here the power rating is 357 kVA prime and 395 kVA standby.


We’ve engineered the engine so that it can perform across multiple markets, future-proofing the design to meet global emissions standards as they continue to tighten. The engine is equipped with technologies that make it fully compliant with all the latest emission standards.

This means it is equally suited for operations in the fuel optimised territories of Africa and the Middle East through to the highly-regulated markets of Europe and the U.S., covered by EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

The optimum package for customers

Development of the 1706 has focused on delivering the optimum commercial package for customers, allied with the durability to operate in any environment, as Karan Ohri, product marketing manager (EP), explains: “The 1706 delivers the highest power capability in its class – the improvements in power density mean that customers can achieve the same performance of a typical 13 litre engine from a significantly smaller platform. The engine also delivers reductions in noise and fuel consumption.

“We have added advanced electronics, including an ADEM6 controller for better troubleshooting and, like all our engines, the 1706 is capable of operating in the most demanding environmental conditions. We have improved the thermal management, using a higher-flow water pump in the cooling system.

“Overall, we are leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to give customers an engine that provides world-class levels of performance.”