Helping OEMs face the future with confidence

Helping OEMs face the future with confidence

Perkins continues to invest in improving power density, meeting every emission need and harmonising its product range, as it strives to give electric power customers every advantage.

As the world changes, so does Perkins. We’re constantly innovating to ensure our range of power solutions meets the emerging needs of a changing electric power marketplace.

A three-pronged strategy lies at the heart of our commitment to keep customers ahead of the competition; enhancing power density, simplified solutions, and investing in emissions.

On power density, we’re enhancing the power output from engines across the range, to help manufacturers combat space constraints and get more value for money.

By investing in common engine cores, we’re enabling generator manufacturers to sell into different markets without changing their generator canopy designs.

And on emissions, we’re developing advanced engine solutions that will give customers the right performance, value and competitive advantage whenever new regulations kick in.

We’re already putting our strategy into action, with these solutions:

Perkins® 1103 – with 5G phone services set to launch globally, manufacturers of telecoms towers will need more power to provide them. Our Perkins 1103 engine, with years of proven reliability and 30 kVA of output, is the ideal solution.

Perkins® 1706 and 2806 – we’ve made a huge investment in power density with these platforms. The 9.3 litre 1706 provides equivalent power to our historic 13 litre platform, while the 18 litre 2806 can match a 23 litre engine. They provide a more cost-effective solution and – with common cores – customers can develop similar base frames for generator sets that are sold into different markets.

Perkins® 4008 – with our enhanced 4008, we’ve doubled the service life of many components to reduce ownership costs. While major enhancements to the engine have made the platform more robust for continuous running in prime power applications.


Electric power case studies

Generator sets powered by Perkins are found around the globe. Our case studies show how generator set manufacturers and end-users make use of Perkins extraordinary knowledge, engineering expertise, reputation for world-class performance and quality.

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