Engine data at your fingertips

Engine data at your fingertips

Everything you need to be able to keep your engine running smoothly is now just a couple of clicks away – thanks to the Perkins® My Engine App.

This free smartphone app is part of our digital development to give customers instant access to a whole host of practical features that make life easier. You can download the Perkins My Engine App from the Apple and Google stores – there have already been more than 150,000 downloads, and this number is growing.

By registering your engine, you can tap into a wealth of materials including parts books and operating maintenance manuals. There is easy access to engine-specific information such as series, type, model, consumables list and a completed service log. You can also contact your local Perkins authorised distributor for expert help.

The app also sends push notifications when your engine is approaching its next service. You can even set your service interval based upon your needs or the environment the engine is running in, with standard, reduced hours and 12-monthly service schedules to match the variety of applications and environments our products go into.

The app is currently available in eight languages and we’re adding more languages all the time too. This means that customers across the world can benefit from the app and access all its features in their own language.

Reporting live from Middle East Electricity 2019

As a leading global supplier of electric power engines, Middle East Electricity 2019 is an opportunity to showcase our latest products and services – and meet the generator set manufacturers and operators who use our engines every day. This year our power dense range of diesel engines including the 1206, 1706 and 2806 will feature prominently on the MEE stand alongside an interactive display of Perkins EU Stage V range of electric power engines for mobile generators.

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