4008 upgrade completes series refresh

Perkins electric power (EP) line-up gained an impressive new feature with the launch of the 4008-30TAG. This update of the 4008 range is a leader in power density, producing up to 1250 kVA, the power end users expect from a larger engine. It introduces three new power nodes and the ability to work without derate at altitudes up to 3,000 metres.

Perkins has installed more than 40,000 engines of the 4000 Series worldwide. Rated from 750-2500 kVA, they provide Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with a solution for EP generation in individual installations that use baseload, prime or standby power. These are used in many different installations supporting factories, data centers, offices, hospitals airports.

Perkins introduced a new engine to the 4000 Series range in late December 2015, the 4008-30TAG. Now all four engines in the series – 4006, 4008, 4012 and 4016 – have undergone ‘refreshes’ as part of Perkins continued product investment to ensure the series has the right product for your baseload, prime and standby applications.

With its upgrade, the 8 cylinder 4008 platform gains extra power while maintaining the service parts commonality with the rest of the 4000 Series range.




Tailored to its territories

The new engine is tailored for the areas where the 4008 enjoys a strong market position, such as the Middle East and Africa. Perkins will also manufacture the 4008 in Asia for markets including China and India. It is also targeted at prime and standby power applications in Europe.

Its development included rigorous testing, with the engine undergoing many thousands of hours to make sure you get the right product, with the reliability you expect from a Perkins engine.

The 4008-30TAG increases the 4008’s power output to 1 megawatt for prime power supply and 1250 kVA for standby applications – the power end-users expect from a 12 cylinder engine. It is a market leader in power density with three new power nodes at 950 kVA (baseload), 1125 kVA (prime) and 1250 kVA (standby), optimised fuel consumption and the ability to perform without derating up to an altitude of 3,000 metres – almost triple the working altitude of the old model.

The 4008-30TAG fits in a standard 20ft ISO container for shipping and delivery. It is available as engine-only or ElectropaK with radiator and air filter attached.

Into production

Perkins has confidence its 4000 Series range will give OEMs the solutions they need in the markets where they operate. This is backed up by a class-leading electric power warranty for all 4000 Series engines, covering one year unlimited hours or two years 6,000 hours for prime and three years up to 500 hours per year for standby. Perkins highly trained global distributor network supports the 4008-30TAG, ensuring it is kept running whenever and wherever it is used.

Perkins distributor network provides easy access to advice, servicing and genuine parts, so whether the engine is operating in Europe, the Middle East, South America or China, it will meet customers’ critical power requirements.

“The 4008-30TAG’s development included rigorous testing, undergoing many thousands of hours to make sure you get the right product, with improved performance and with the reliability you expect from a Perkins engine.”