The Perkins® My Engine App is your key to simplified engine maintenance

Our latest breakthrough digital innovation the Perkins® My Engine App continues to go from strength to strength. By putting truly useful engine information right at your fingertips, you can keep your Perkins engine running effectively with the minimum amount of effort.

Managing the maintenance, service and repair of one engine or a fleet of them is straightforward and simple when you use the Perkins My Engine App digital solution. It’s a free smartphone app, available to download from the Apple and Google app stores. 

Customers across the world are enjoying the convenience and value of easy access to engine-specific information, such as build list, series, type, model, Perkins® Platinum Protection indicator, parts book, a consumable list, up-and-coming services and a completed service log. The app also provides contact details for the local Perkins authorised distributor to help owners of Perkins engines obtain expert support.

Having such rich engine information in the palm of your hand means identifying and ordering replacements parts, organising services or accessing extra support for your engine is just a few clicks away. The intelligent link to the Perkins on-line shop further streamlines the process for U.S. customers by ensuring that only the right parts for a particular engine are shown and ordered.

The Perkins® My Engine App is your key to simplified engine maintenance

Perkins recently released a major update to the Perkins My Engine App which features an improved and intuitive interface. Italian and Turkish have been added to a growing list of languages, which include English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese. This means that customers around the world can all enjoy the benefits of the app in their native language.

“We are watching the popularity of all our digital products grow with each passing day as we meet the needs of our global customers with this innovative and breakthrough step forward in the aftermarket,” said Perkins parts product manager Ian Bradford. “Perkins My Engine App is a product that makes life easier and ensures you get the best support and service from Perkins. It’s a free product for every Perkins customer that gives you critical extra knowledge, so there’s really no reason not to use it.”