Filtering out problems before they happen

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We are constantly evolving our fuel filtration systems to provide maximum protection for our engines and give customers the performance they need.  But why is choosing the right fuel filter essential?

As emission standards become more demanding, so too does the need for cleaner fuels. The technology to meet increasing emissions means the tolerances in an engine become smaller, into the micron measurement level. Fuel filtration plays a vital role in this effort, protecting the engine by removing contaminants such as water, dirt and debris that could damage internal components.

Perkins understands the importance of high-performance fuel filtration systems. We’ve been investing in our capability in this area for many years and we are constantly evolving the technology behind our fuel filters in harmony with our engine development.

Our filtration systems undergo rigorous testing both at the development stage and in the field. The result is that they are guaranteed to perform in the most demanding environments and be robust enough to handle the different fuel formulations that exist around the world.

Filtering out problems before they happen

Perkins filters – performance built-in

Our Perkins® Ecoplus filters used on our latest generation engines are a replaceable element that fit inside a filter housing on the machine. This reduces waste as there is no metal canister to dispose of, compared to the typical spin-on filter. Ecoplus filters also benefit from a range of unique and innovative features that enhance performance.

These include spiral roving that increases the retention of contaminants and maximises the filtration surface area. They also incorporate acrylic beading to prevent fuel flow distorting the shape of the filter and reducing its efficiency. In addition, the filters include moulded endcaps to prevent leakage where the filter media joins the cap.

Ecoplus filters are manufactured in our own dedicated manufacturing facilities, ensuring the highest levels of manufacturing quality to deliver reliable, efficient filters.

Why the right fuel filter matters

Replacing the fuel filter is a routine maintenance task required to ensure continued engine performance and choosing a poorly-performing filter can have serious consequences.

Contaminated fuel systems can shorten the life of components, reduce productivity and lead to significant failure, meaning costly downtime and repairs. With costs to replace injectors or fuel pumps in the hundreds or thousands of dollars or euros, fuel filters are just one of many parts for which quality is paramount.

Product marketing manager Julian Wood explains: “The work that the fuel filtration system does is hidden from view and can perhaps be taken for granted, but it is absolutely vital in protecting the engine.

“The tolerances in modern engines are smaller than ever and a failed filter can very easily cause contamination and damage to sensitive components such as the injectors that can be expensive and time-consuming to repair.

“We always strongly advise customers to choose a genuine Perkins filter that is specifically designed for our engine range to benefit from the maximum level of protection.”