Mini excavators Perkins is the engine of choice

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The Perkins brand, which is synonymous with quality, has quickly become the preferred power solution for China’s high-end excavator manufacturers. Perkins distributor, Elco Power continues to be instrumental in shaping this success.

Nothing underlines Perkins growing strength in China more than its position as the engine of choice for many of the country’s leading excavator manufacturers.

Foshan Sime Darby Elco Power Equipment Ltd, Perkins appointed distributor for south China, deserves huge credit for the company’s thriving profile in the country. Elco has built trusted relationships with a long list of customers through its close collaboration on high-quality system integration, its outstanding aftermarket service and responsive supply of parts at competitive prices. 

Mini excavators Perkins is the engine of choice

The right choice when quality matters

Elco’s engineering expertise and dedication to its customers have helped Perkins become the go-to brand for many domestic construction manufacturers, including Sunward, Yuchai, Hunan Deli, Guangdong Yugong, Guangxi Sanvo and Fujian Jingong.

A particular area of dominance for Perkins is the provision of power systems for mini excavators between 1.5 and three tonnes. Excavators of this size are widely recognised as one of the most cost-effective machines on construction sites, thanks to their high productivity and affordable price.

However, to meet users’ needs, both the excavator and engine must be robust enough to work around the clock without issue, inexpensive to run, and straightforward to service.

The Perkins® 403D-11 and 403D-15 mechanical engines deliver in every area. With proven reliability, compact package size, low maintenance costs and low emissions, the units have become the natural choice for any OEM looking to build high-end excavators.

High performance at high altitude

Chinese customers are also attracted by the proven performance of Perkins engines at altitude. Our small displacement, turbocharged engines, perform dependably for those operating machines at extreme altitudes, such as in as Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan provinces.

For a growing number of Chinese customers, Perkins provides the optimum power solution to drive their machines – and their success. By working with Elco, you’ll not only get the best Perkins engines, you’ll receive unrivalled support that ensures your machines do the jobs you need them to, with the minimum of time out of action.