BU Power Systems: the right choice for engine expertise

For Perkins customers across 15 countries in Europe, appointed distributor BU Power Systems meets all your engine requirements with an ultra-professional and personal touch. However complex or unusual your needs, BU has the knowledge and resources to deliver the optimum engine solution. And once its installed and operational, they’ll continue to help you get the best from your engine and machine.

BU Power Systems is a long-standing Perkins distributor – and a passionate flag-bearer of the Perkins brand across 15 countries in Europe.

The company employs more than 170 people to sell and support Perkins engines across vast swathes of the continent, including Germany, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and Denmark.

Its highly skilled team delivers the exceptionally high standards expected of Perkins trusted global brand, while also possessing intimate knowledge of every territory it represents, and the challenges OEMs and end users face there.

BU Power Systems’ range of services is extensive. Its engine sales offering includes detailed product consultation supported by conceptual drawings, prototype development, product customisation, engine sourcing and training for OEMs’ own technicians. Support continues long after your machine and engine are operating through a comprehensive and highly responsive aftersales service.

BU Power Systems: the right choice for engine expertise

“Meeting OEMs’ requirements is our primary goal,” said Peter Wagner, the company’s general sales manager. “When an OEM comes to us with a new project, we carefully analyse their requirements. We consider their torque and power demands and match them to the fundamental needs of the machine. We add even more value by carefully developing the most effective interfaces between engine and application.

“Our highly skilled application engineers support and advise the OEM comprehensively regarding the implementation of the optimum engine solution for them.”

A proven authority on engine consultancy

It’s this type of service – the dedicated provision of expert engine consultancy – that Peter marks out as a key point of difference between the Perkins distribution offering and other engine suppliers.

“OEMs approach us to ensure they can find a product that fulfils their needs,” he said. “We’re getting more and more demand for customised engine solutions that match their requirements – and last year at BU we sold these added-value solutions to 78 percent of our OEMs.

“We see the opportunity to collaborate with OEMs, stepping in as an engine supplier who can deliver a full solution, using a combination of our knowledge and components that are certified by us, in accordance with the Perkins guidelines.”

Tailored solutions that satisfy customers

In one recent example of this approach in action, the BU team developed a CAN bus control and diagnostic panel for smaller OEMs.

“Smaller firms often feel weighed down by the prospect of implementing CAN bus technology,” said Peter. “Our solution allows them to take an electronic engine with a CAN bus interface. We supply them with a wiring loom and CAN bus control system. Hey presto, they have a plug-and-play solution that only requires a battery.”

Complex solutions made easy

Should customers have more complex requirements, BU combines forces with Perkins to deliver the right solution.

In one recent example, BU drew on its close links with Perkins to help an OEM who needed to fit a unique type of gearbox to a vineyard tractor.

“Perkins offered the flywheel housing as a part, but it required significant additional engineering,” said Peter. “We secured the part from Perkins and then assembled the necessary components ourselves to provide the optimum solution for the customer.”

In another project, BU worked in tandem with an OEM’s engineers to design a new oil sump that would work within the constraints of the machine’s chassis. The design was then passed to Perkins to be manufactured.

Another impressive accomplishment saw the BU team meet a recurring demand for a specially tailored radiator block.

“Several customers were looking for a complete power pack for the recently introduced Perkins® Syncro engines, so we spent a lot of time developing a turn-key product with different cooler options,” said Gerd Gerdes, BU Power Systems application and engineering manager.

“The coolers can also be equipped with a CAN bus controlled fan system, which modifies the fan blade angle to reduce noise and fuel consumption.”

BU’s engineers also made customer-focused changes to the engine’s electrical system, which gives more flexibility over how the engine is integrated.

Premium people, premium products

“We help our OEMs far beyond the consulting on, and supplying of, engines. We cover the complete aftermarket business – service, parts, training and even the warranty work,” explained Peter.

“We are convinced that the combination of our highly qualified employees and technically high-quality products form the basis for having so many satisfied customers.”

“We see the opportunity to collaborate with OEMs, stepping in as an engine supplier who can deliver a full solution.” - Peter Wagner, BU Power Systems general sales manager.