Proud of our past, focused on the future

Machine builders and farmers worldwide trust Perkins to power their machines. Our reputation is built on a history of engineering excellence and innovative products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations.

The Perkins brand is steeped in agricultural heritage.

For decades, we’ve closely collaborated with the sector’s leading OEMs and established an exceptional reputation for quality and reliability.

While we’re proud of past successes, we’re not resting on historical laurels. Our commitment to the market remains as strong as ever and we continue to help agricultural businesses enhance their reputation by running the most efficient and dependable machines on the market.

“Today, the Perkins brand means better productivity, through robust reliability and improved uptime and economical performance,” said global OEM sales director Andy Curtis. “We design our engines to last thousands and thousands of hours. The large population of older tractors continuing to run our engines is testament to the reliability we build into the products.”

Proud of our past focussed on the future

Customers’ needs at the core

Our long-standing focus and dedication to agriculture gives us a unique understanding of customers’ current and future needs.

“Over many years of working closely with agricultural businesses, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the requirements of the market,” said Andy. “We understand what end users want from their machine and that, ultimately, they need their machine to make them money.

“By understanding their needs, we’re able to design reliability and efficiency – the way our customers want it – into every product.”

Powering your agriculture ambitions with Perkins brings significant and distinct advantages, according to Andy.

“From 0.5 litre to 18 litre (8.2-597 kW), Perkins has the most comprehensive range of engines for use in agricultural applications. Our engines are continually developed to meet the changing needs of global agricultural customers, whatever the emissions standards,” he said.

Where you are, we are

“Our global footprint of manufacturing facilities and distributors means that wherever you are in the world, we’re there already. This offers customers the benefit of local support and local lead times through a local supply network. So no matter where a customer builds their machine – and operates it – vastly experienced teams, who will understand your installation inside out, are always close by.

“Choosing Perkins also means you get the same exacting quality standards wherever your engine comes off the production line. Every factory, from Peterborough to Aurangabad, follows the same strict process, so customers get the same quality and reliability built-in.”

Solution for every application

Perkins is committed to agriculture for the long term. And while we may be most commonly known for powering tractors, we have solutions for every piece of agricultural equipment, from combines to sprayers, and telehandlers to compact loaders.

“Our newest products demonstrate our future commitment,” said Andy. “Our Perkins® Syncro agricultural platform was designed and developed with OEMs and end users in mind. Perkins® SmartCap, meanwhile, allows both mechanical and electronic machines to monitor engine hours, and simplify service scheduling, with a simple and inexpensive switch of component.”

Perkins unique range of innovative products and global service support makes us the ideal choice for the agricultural sector. With world-class quality focused on maximising the use of new technology, Perkins is the smart choice for farm, forest and field.