Perkins new CMET team saves you months of R&D pain

Customers expect innovation in your product line, but new product development takes time and investment – and can pose significant technical challenges. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that collaborate with Perkins Customer Machine Engineering Team (CMET) can lessen that load, shed up to nine months from their research and development (R&D) programmes, and build more profitable and marketable machines.

Perkins CMET team is on a mission to help OEMs reduce the cost, time and burden of new product development. The group of vastly experienced engine experts is dedicated to getting the maximum value and performance from Perkins engines that are installed in your machines. 

In today’s highly regulated emissions climate, CMET’s services are becoming more valuable than ever. Agricultural OEMs have a huge amount of product development ahead of them as they aim to build a profitable portfolio of EU Stage V compliant machines.

By collaborating with CMET, OEMs can reduce the duration of their development programmes by up to nine months – and ensure they get an engine design and installation that fulfils all their performance needs and makes their machines more successful in the marketplace.

“For agricultural OEMs, developing products for Stage V can feel like an uphill struggle,” said Perkins general sales manager - global OEM sales, James Reed. “It can be easier from an R&D point of view to stay with an existing supplier, even though switching to a brand like Perkins could ultimately give you cost reductions and performance improvements.

“Our CMET team takes away that obstacle, by doing the engineering for you. We allow you to move forward with Perkins and enjoy the full benefit of our engineering services.”

How does CMET work with OEMs?

CMET is comprised of design engineers, technicians and engine installation experts. With years of accumulated experience optimising and fitting engines into hundreds of types of machines, they’ve faced virtually every technical engine challenge – and know how to solve them.

The team works in close collaboration with OEMs’ engineers to streamline the process of engineering new engines into your machines. And it ensures you get the best from your Perkins engine.

The team has a proven track record in delivering an end-to-end engine design, installation, application testing, and sign-off service, which can lift a huge weight from OEMs’ shoulders. Equally, its services can be tailored to meet your specific needs or support any gaps in your engineering capabilities.

Rob Borland is engineering team leader in CMET. As such, he’s in the driving seat when it comes to ensuring the team’s solutions meet customer requirements.

“The big benefit for customers is that by working together we can improve the performance of their machines beyond what they could probably do alone,” he said. “We can achieve all their engine requirements more cost-effectively or quicker and deliver improved performance in the areas that matter most to their customers.”

Why choose CMET?

“Not to be confused with a traditional technical consultancy, we’re a productionisation, collaboration and integration partnership,” says James.

“We’ve been doing machine development for over a decade, working successfully through hundreds of installations, and solving the full breadth of technical installation challenges and testing in our world-class facilities. So when you choose CMET, you get the benefit of all that experience.

“We’ll bring together your engineering team with ours. We’ll put the right people on the project to get the best engine integration, which gives you the best performance. Whatever you need to achieve, we’ll help you achieve it.”

Our expertise supports your success

The CMET team is driven by a desire to deliver ideas and solutions that enhance the performance of customers’ machines.

“We put engines in around 5,000 different types of application across markets and sectors,” said James, “so we genuinely have experience of whatever application you’re looking to develop.

“My message to OEMs is to come and talk to us about your engineering challenge. Don’t think we won’t be able to solve it, because we’ve helped resolve just about every engine problem, numerous times.

“At the same time, we’ll realise so many other benefits that you may not be expecting. That’s because working with CMET and Perkins will give you access to all the latest expertise, innovations and technologies in our business, and add immense value to your machines.”

“We’ll put the right people on the project to get the best engine integration, which gives you the best performance. Whatever you need to achieve, we’ll help you achieve it.” James Reed, Perkins general sales manager – global OEM sales.

Talk to your Perkins account manager about how our CMET team can help deliver your new product ambitions.