Opening doors in Belarus


Leading Belarusian OEMs are turning to Perkins to help deepen their domestic dominance – and spread their wings across Europe.

Agriculture dominates the landscape and economy in Belarus, where some 45 percent of land is used for farming and 42 percent for forestry. The country has a proud reputation for manufacturing farm machines, too.

As its young economy continues to grow, many agricultural OEMs are looking for new opportunities to expand, both inside and outside their borders.

Perkins has been supporting the ambitions of Belarus’ leading OEMs for the past two years. Since entering the market, we’ve made impressive progress, with 35 projects across a range of leading manufacturers. Partnering with Perkins opens new doors for OEMs.

“Many OEMs are looking west and seeing opportunities to sell into Europe,” said Perkins business development manager Dave Robinson. “By choosing Perkins, a trusted and proven global brand, OEMs add credibility to their machines and make them more saleable abroad. We can also give them the emissions compliant products that aren’t available domestically.”

Choosing Perkins also helps OEMs meet the needs of their domestic customers, and those in neighbouring CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries.

“Domestically, smaller and medium type machines are served by domestic engine manufacturers, but for larger machines that require power in the 9-18 litre category, customers have fewer options,” said Dave. “By installing our engines in their large machines, they get greater productivity and reliability, which makes them more appealing to customers at home and abroad.”

One of Perkins biggest successes in Belarus to date has been its collaboration with Amkodor. The OEM now installs Perkins products across a number of machines, including a project to install the powerful 2206 engines in a range of large tractors.

“We’re in the business of making our customers more successful,” said Dave. “We want to reach as many OEMs as we can, open new doors with them, and help them become even more successful.”

The opening

Dealer PMI provides the local touch

Success in any country depends on having a strong partner on the ground. That’s why our distributor, Hited, has recruited established dealer PMI to take responsibility for all our product support in Belarus.

The company has intimate knowledge of the agricultural market in Belarus, understands the needs of local OEMs, and has well-established relationships with leading manufacturers.

“PMI’s expertise and unique local knowledge will enable us to pursue the right opportunities and do more business in the country, so we’re thrilled to be working alongside them,” said Dave.

Building our brand in Belarus

The Perkins brand is recognised and respected across the world. When we invest in new territories, it’s important we take every opportunity to underline what we stand for.

We seized the opportunity to do this when our 86th birthday coincided with Belagro, one of the region’s largest agricultural events. We invited the British ambassador along, served cake to visitors and talked about our business and its commitment to the country and its agricultural industry.

“It was a great moment to celebrate the fact that agriculture has been at the core of what we do throughout our history,” said Dave. “And it was great to celebrate that with local people.”

We also promoted our brand, values and exceptional standards at events to celebrate the Queen’s birthday and Great British Day. We met decision-makers, influencers, and ordinary Belarusians, and shared our commitment to being part of the country’s future success.