Winning the race on rice

Chinese manufacturer Jinhe trusts Perkins to provide the power for its rice planting machines, so customers get the best yields at the best cost.

China is the world’s largest producer – and consumer – of rice. With the market expected to grow 3.4 percent a year until 2021 (, opportunities exist for farmers to expand and thrive.

Rice production in the country has more than tripled in the past five decades ( However, increased planting isn’t behind the rise. Instead, it’s built on hugely improved yields resulting from advanced crop-management practices and new technologies.

One technology that has transformed the rice-farming landscape is the rice planting machine. It works by automatically planting young rice seedlings into prepared, puddled soil. By ensuring rice is planted with uniform spacing and density, farmers get to enjoy much larger yields.

Machine planting also takes considerably less time than manual planting, requiring less labour and reducing health and safety risks on the farm.

Winning the race on rice

Right price, right reliability

Chinese machine builder Jinhe is a prominent manufacturer of rice planters. With a firm understanding of its customers’ needs, Jinhe knows they want powerful and reliable machines at the best cost. To help the company achieve that, it depends on Perkins to provide proven engine solutions.

Jinhe’s latest crop of planters are equipped with Perkins® 403D-11 engines on board. This is a 1.1 litre 3 cylinder unit delivering up to 21 kW (28.2 hp) of power. Designed to meet EU Stage IIIA/U.S EPA Tier 4 Interim emission standards, the engine offers very quiet, ultra-compact power.

The 403D-11 also delivers market-leading power density, meaning Jinhe can install a smaller engine with lower running costs, without compromising on power.

Smart solution for compact machines

Combining performance with low running costs, the Perkins 403D-11 is the smart solution for many small industrial machines. With a simple and robust mechanical fuel system, it’s also convenient and affordable to install.

The engine brings Jinhe and its customers peace of mind with proven reliability. Thanks to robust engineering and production excellence, it has been tested and validated to deliver 6,000 hours of service, with no failures.

The Jinhe rice planters powered by Perkins 403D-11 engines were recently put through their paces on farm land in Heilongjiang Province. Farmers and operators reported that they were extremely impressed with the powerful performance displayed by the Perkins engines.