Hattat and Perkins: leaders in their field

Highly ambitious Turkish tractor manufacturer Hattat has an increasingly strong presence on the global stage. With Perkins powering every one of its machines, from 37-84 kW (50-113 hp), the business is committed and on course to become one of the world’s top ten tractor brands.

Collaboration helps businesses achieve more, in less time. One example of strong, sustained and successful collaboration in action is the relationship between Turkish tractor manufacturer Hattat and engine experts Perkins. With 30,000 tractors already under their combined belts, the relationship is making a big impression on farmers across the globe.

While Hattat Traktor only began life in 1998, its parent company has been developing manufacturing expertise across various machinery sectors for more than four decades.

According to Hattat, the brand hits a sweet spot on both quality and affordability; a formula which has allowed it to grow and export to more than 80 countries, with 50 percent of overseas sales now heading to Europe.

Hattat tractor working shot

“By exporting to the European market, we ensure that our technical infrastructure is at the highest level,” said Duyşen Erdoğan, Hattat general manager. “Europe is a challenging marketplace with stringent standards, which means our quality, technology and innovation need to be constantly kept up to date.”

United in quality

In 2008, Hattat took the decision to collaborate with Perkins in order to strengthen both its reputation for quality and brand awareness. Today, the company solely uses Perkins engines in all its models, which meet all the required emission standards, while giving customers proven reliability and durability, as well as efficient running costs.

“Perkins is a globally recognised engine brand and the performance of its engines is excellent,” said Duyşen. “In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we use Perkins engines, which also supports our values and principles around never compromising on quality.”

While Hattat remains a relatively youthful brand, it has come of age quickly. Duyşen attributes some of its rapid success to manufacturing many of its own key tractor components, including transmissions, hydraulic lifts, front axles, hydraulic steering, brakes, cranks, casting and valves.

“One of our biggest advantages is that Hattat is not just a simple assembly factory – we produce our own world-class parts, which are fully tested and validated, meaning customers get a machine they can trust to operate reliably and for the long-term,” said Duyşen.

Tractors for every territory

With 34 different tractor models and 350 variants between 37-84 kW (50-113 hp), Hattat has a tractor for every farmer, in every location. The range has a strong foothold in markets including Italy, Austria, England, Portugal, Spain and Japan, as well as locations with more challenging environmental conditions such as Morocco, Sudan and Iceland. With the support of Perkins, the company is increasing the momentum.

“We aim to grow further into the European market with our high-tech, high quality modern tractors, such as our T4000 Series,” said Duyşen. “We also want to stand out with our Perkins engine and quality in the growing African market, largely with our classic 200 Series tractors.”

Key models for the business, which offer attractive features for farmers, include the Hattat T 4000 Series (from 70 to 113 hp field), Hattat 3000 Series (from 50 to 78 hp compact and orchard), Hattat A Series (from 100 to 110 hp field), Hattat 200 Classical Series (from 50 to 110 hp compact, orchard and field), and the power for all those machines is provided by Perkins engines. Each one delivers great performance, low operating costs and an ultra-compact package, helping Hattat’s customers run their operations in a productive and profitable way.

“In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we use globally recognised Perkins engines, which also support our values and principles around never compromising on quality.”

Duyşen Erdoğan, Hattat general manager.