Basak Tractor - Perkins® 1100 Series

Agritechnica 2019

One of the world’s most trusted and recognisable agricultural brands, Perkins puts the power into every type of agricultural machine. With the latest engines and innovative hybrid technologies, we have the solutions to meet the demands of OEMs and farmers today – and tomorrow.

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Turkey’s Basak Tractor has a long history of manufacturing farm machines under licence of some of the world’s most familiar names. Today, it pours all that accumulated knowledge into building economical and sophisticated own-brand machines. With Perkins as its engine provider, the company continues to evolve its emissions and performance expertise – and is ready to take on the world.

Basak was established in 1914 and has been successfully meeting the needs of Turkish farmers since it began building tractors in the 1960s. As an ambitious business, with goals for global expansion, it’s now determined to get on the radar of agricultural customers worldwide.

Basak is a serious tractor builder, with a long heritage of working with well-known global partners. Back in the 1960s, Basak built tractors under a Ford licence, before manufacturing machines under the Steyr badge in the 1970s. 

Having built up an abundance of production, product quality and product development experience, the company now funnels that expertise into its own brand, under its own name – Basak. 

Basak tractors


A business without borders

As Basak moves into new international markets, it’s pleased to count Perkins as its engine provider. It’s a collaboration that has helped Basak build a brand that Turkish farmers trust, while allowing it to prepare for an ambitious exporting future.

“We’ve been working with Perkins since 2002 with great pleasure,” said Basak’s factory director Zafer Ozbalaban. “The reputation of the Perkins brand among Turkish farmers is very high and it adds a lot of value to our image as the engines are specifically developed for tractor applications.”

Basak was inspired to work with Perkins, because Perkins engines are fundamentally proven across virtually every agricultural application. They’re at the heart of tens of thousands of successful, reliable and highly marketable machines.

Having such a dependable brand powering their tractors adds credibility, trust and familiarity for customers at home and abroad.

And, by delivering close collaboration throughout machine development and integration, Perkins adds immense value for Basak, precisely where they need it.

“Perkins is an excellent partner,” added Mr Ozbalaban. “Its support starts with product development and its testing and validation activities are second to none. With Perkins support and expertise, we feel confident that we’re developing the best-performing machines.

“Another advantage of collaborating with Perkins is its comprehensive aftersales support. We know that it makes our customers very comfortable knowing they’re supported by a wide service and spare parts network.”

Teaming up on emissions

With expansion on the horizon, Perkins has been helping Basak overcome one of the key challenges for manufacturers looking to go Europewide and worldwide – meeting stringent emissions standards.

“Shifting to higher emission levels for engines is a challenging problem for every OEM,” said Mr Ozbalaban. “But Perkins solutions are easy to integrate and adopt. Through a joint working group made up of Basak and Perkins engineers, we have developed emission compliant machines that meet all legislative requirements and market demands.”

Basak’s operation, supported by Perkins, is ready to go global. From its base in Sakarya, the company has capacity to build 10,000 machines a year. With 20 different models of tractor already in its portfolio – and powerful new machine launches imminent – Basak is determined to harvest a new generation of customer and get noticed across international tractor markets.

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