16 Cylinder

16 Cylinder

Our 4016 range gives you the versatility and heavy duty performance you need in today’s power generation market. The Perkins 4016 engines feature 16 cylinders and a massive 61 litre displacement in both ElectropaK and Electro Unit variants.

The 4016 range offers 1400-2500 kVA generator output. Our 4016 range engines have exceptional power-to-weight ratio and compact design, making them easy to transport and install.

The Perkins 4016 range of diesel engines are designed to meet your large scale generation requirements. The engines have 16 cylinders in 60° vee form with a massive 61 litre displacement. The diesel ElectropaK engines in the range are supplied complete with radiator and air cleaner.

Whether your need is for prime or standby generation, the power generation market needs the performance and reliability that comes from our 4016 range.

Whether your needs are for prime or standby generation, or for combined heat and power, the 4016 range has diesel engines for all your requirements. The engines offer exceptional efficiency with compact designs giving the reliability and ease of maintenance you need.
Simon Gray, EP marketing manager

The 4016 range diesel engines offer the solution for your generation needs

Advanced gallery jet cooling system

The Perkins 4016 range gives you 1400-2500 kVA generator output.

A key benefit of the 4016-61TRG engines is the option to have a remote cooling system, making it a great product for use in locations such as high-rise buildings.

They are economical and durable, with excellent power-to-weight ratios, outstanding load acceptance and improved emissions.

Optional equipment

Options for your 4016 range diesel engines include:

  • Tropical radiator, including water pipes, clips and hoses, fan, fan guards and belts
  • Twin heavy-duty air cleaners – paper element with pre-cleaner
  • Changeover lubrication oil filter
  • Changeover fuel oil filter
  • Immersion heater with thermostat
  • Air starters
  • Instrument panel


Fast facts

  • Diesel ElectropaK/Electro Unit
  • High power output from small package
  • Excellent load acceptance
  • Class-leading warranty
  • Prime or standby generation usage
  • Remote cooling option

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