12 Cylinder

The Perkins® 4012 range delivers a powerful performance, with 12 cylinders and 46 litre displacement providing all the power you need and features ElectropaK diesel engines that provide 989-1880 kVA generator output.

The 4012 range has engines with 12 cylinders in 60° vee form to give 46 litres displacement. Whether your need is for prime or standby generation, you need performance and reliability, and that comes with the 4012 range.

The range features several diesel ElectropaK engines as well as the 4012TESI spark ignited gas engine.

ElectropaK diesel engines

Giving 989-1880 kVA engine power, our 4012 range of diesel engines includes a model to suit all your power generation needs – prime or standby.

These engines have proven reliability in prime and standby installations in all of the key sectors, such as manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and data centres.

The ElectropaK diesel engines in the range come complete with radiator and air cleaner. Models are either turbocharged and air-to-air chargecooled, or turbocharged and air-to-water chargecooled. They can also be supplied with cooling systems for either tropical or temperate environments.


The 4012 range diesel engines offer the solution for your generation needs.

The 4012 range diesel engines

“For the larger power generation requirements, whether prime or standby generation, our 4012 range offers exceptional efficiency with compact designs giving the reliability and ease of maintenance you need.”
James Gardiner, new product introduction manager


Commonality of components

Economic and durable, the engines have excellent power-to-weight ratios, as well as outstanding load acceptance and improved emissions.

Commonality of components with other engines in the 4000 Series makes replacing parts or upgrading an easy process.