4 Cylinder

Whatever your application, there’s an 1104 engine for you. Part of the Perkins®  1100 Series, the range’s 4 cylinder, 4.4 litre engines are smooth and quiet in operation. Engines in the range are designed both as fuel optimised options and to meet EU Stage II/IIIA and U.S. EPA Tier 2/Tier 3 equivalent emissions standards as well. The versatile range also offers a choice of mechanical or electronically controlled common rail engines.

With the 4 cylinder, 4.4 litre Perkins 1104 range, you get exceptional reliability, power and refinement, along with a low cost of ownership.

The 1104 engines – with a power band of 50-106 kW (67-142 hp) – are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including excavators, trenchers, backhoe loaders, rollers, rock drills, tractors, wheeled loaders, forest machines, telehandlers, forklift trucks and motor graders.

“The trusted performance of the 1100 Series is borne out of millions of hours of validation in the real world, working with electric power providers who value the reputation and expertise of an engine that is focused on delivering the right technology solutions to meet your requirements.”
James Gardiner, new product introduction manager



Perkins® 1104 engines are the solution for a diverse range of applications

Perkins®  1104 engines

Boost your performance

Choosing a robust, electronically controlled common rail engine provides the opportunity to increase power and performance, while maintaining displacement volume, and still achieving emissions standards. It uses advanced common rail, fuel pump and injectors, combined with the latest high capacity fuel filtration to provide an engine which is reliable when used with varying standards of fuel around the world.

With an electronic control and high pressure common rail system, the engine can be integrated fully into the machine, delivering smoother operation for the user, faster response and providing operator feedback on engine performance. Learn more about electronic engine control versus mechanical.

Common front and rear ends, connection points and components across the range, make for an easy transition when you need to upgrade.

Electric power

Our 1104 ElectropaK engines set the industry standard for prime and standby power generation. The 4 cylinder, 4.4 litre engines are smooth and quiet in operation – and deliver 43.7-126.5 kVA, meeting the key power nodes. They can also be electronically controlled, giving you the right fuel combustion for the load applied to the engine.

With our 1104 range you get exceptional reliability with low cost of ownership. Engines in the range have been designed following intensive customer research. The range features exceptional performance criteria in fuel economy for prime power applications and high load acceptance for standby installations. This is backed up by the capability of the 1104 to perform in high ambient temperatures with low noise output, making packaging easy for all environments.

When you need a compact design for medium-sized power generation, you will find the 1104 range has an engine that’s right for you.


Fast facts

  • 4 cylinders
  • 4.4 litres
  • Choice of mechanically or electronically controlled engines
  • Suitable for use around the world as designed to operate with global fuel standards
  • Our 1104 EP engines deliver 43.7-126.5 kVA, meeting the key power nodes

Industrial applications

  • Excavator
  • Trencher
  • Backhoe loader
  • Roller
  • Rock drill
  • Tractor
  • Wheeled loader
  • Forest machine
  • Telehandler
  • Forklift truck
  • Motor grader
  • And more