Think global, act local

Perkins distributors around the world embrace a philosophy of Think Global, Act Local, by working closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other customers to develop the best power solutions for their applications. Their unrivalled experience of diesel engines and knowledge of local operating conditions, including emission standards, are a valuable resource that OEM customers can tap into.

Perkins distributors work hard to provide the best service to OEM customers and end users of Perkins engines. Think Global, Act Local defines their outlook and approach.

As a global brand, Perkins stands for excellence and reliability in diesel power solutions. Our products are built to the same consistent high standards no matter where they are manufactured. But that’s only part of the story.

Local conditions around the world are different; local applications need to be just that: local. Taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach based on what the manufacturer decides to make wouldn’t work.


Knowledge of their territories

Our distributors have intimate knowledge of their territories and the main industries there. They understand local conditions and the challenges faced by their OEM customers and end users. They employ teams of experienced engineers to partner with customers in determining the best way to package Perkins engines for ease of integration, operation and maintenance.

Many of our distributors use in-house computer aided design (CAD) and simulation facilities to help develop power solutions for OEM customers. These engineering capabilities, combined with the field experience of seasoned application engineers, streamline the process of selecting the best combination of components for a successful Perkins power solution, as well as developing value-added plug-and-play solutions for specific applications.


Scaled solutions

Our tailored power solutions often mean that manufacturing and support services can be rapidly and cost-effectively scaled to meet changing customer demands, minimising upfront investment to control costs.

New emissions standards around the world have made close co-operation with OEM customers even more important and is an area our distributors can assist with.

Wherever you are located, you will find your local Perkins distributor eager to engage with you to find the best solution for your power requirement.


Perkins service network

Perkins distributor network ensures you get the best from your engine. Our global network offer parts and service support as well as standard and customised engine solutions. Building strong relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and end users, our distributors have a direct customer focused approach.

They have a detailed understanding of their local market and they really do think global: act local. They are large enough to make each customer successful, yet small enough to make every customer feel important.Our global network of distributors is there to ensure you get the best from your Perkins engine.The distributors deliver the Perkins service, protecting the Perkins brand promise and helping you, our customers, to succeed. They build strong relationships with you to make sure they provide consistent support to OEMs and end users.

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