Perkins takes new engines to GPower China 2018

Perkins will be at GPower China 2018 in Shanghai with four new market-leading engines for the electric power (EP) sector, offering higher power density and lower running costs at key power nodes. The show gives Perkins an opportunity to reinforce the importance of the Asia market, while promoting its advanced technology for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in this key sector.

Perkins attends GPower China 2018, China’s premier EP exhibition, with four new additions to its extensive range of engines for the growing EP market.

The Perkins® 1206, 1706 and 2806 are designed to deliver market-leading performance at key power nodes, with high power density and low running costs. The 402D-05G is specifically engineered for lighting tower application.

GPower China 2018, the 17th China (Shanghai) International Power and Generating Sets Exhibition, runs from May 3-5 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. It is an important event for Perkins, providing a prime opportunity for the company to underline its commitment to the Asia market and to promote its extended range of engines with OEMs and end-users.

Perkins takes new engines to GPower China 2018

Lower cost alternative

Taking pride of place on the Perkins stand will be the revolutionary new 18 litre Perkins® 2806 engine, which delivers 750 kVA, but now from a market-leading 18 litre displacement. With reduced running costs from a smaller package size and with broad emissions compliance, the new 2806 engine offers end-users a lower cost of operation.

The 2806 features twin parallel turbochargers serving three cylinders each. It also features the latest power generation technology, new pistons, an upgraded camshaft, new air cleaners and fuel system, and an upgraded radiator.

The new 2806 engine is a class-leading product in its category in terms of package size. It boosts Perkins competitiveness in the EP sector by delivering a solution, for the first time, to customers looking to achieve 750 kVA in territories operating at 50 hz. It also provides a power density uplift for customers operating at 60 hz.

Maximum power from smaller package

Alongside the 2806, the all-new 7 litre Perkins® 1206 engine leverages the latest technology to draw maximum power from a smaller package. Produces 200-275 kVA, it offers a 20 percent improvement on power density in a package that is 22 percent lighter than the existing 8.8 litre 1506 platform. OEMs would have needed the 1506 for that type of power until now.

Tommy Quan, Perkins sales director, Asia, said the trend across the EP sector is increasingly for engines with increased power density. “With rising fuel prices, new EP emission standards set to arrive in 2019 and the complexity of transporting heavy engines to consider, more customers are searching for engines that are smaller, cleaner and built for the future. Our new engines provide that solution and will have a direct impact on EP customers’ bottom line.”

Perkins will be joined at GPower China 2018 by its distributors Elco Power Systems and Lei Shing Hong Machinery, who will be talking with visitors about the expert aftermarket support they provide for Perkins users.

Visit Perkins at GPower China 2018, stand number 4T-029.