Working with Perkins at EU Stage V can boost your bottom line

Tuesday April 2, 2019

At bauma Munich 2019 Perkins is showing five engines from its EU Stage V range designed to meet the new emission standards being phased in from this year for off-highway diesel and mobile electric power engines across the full power range.

Perkins Stage V engines have been designed with original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) profitability in mind. Offering market-leading power density our Stage V engines are quick and simple for OEM’s engineering teams to install, saving time and money at every stage.

“Perkins offers an industry-leading choice of world-class engines and options, so our OEM customers can be confident we have the right engine for their market and application,” said Jaz Gill, Perkins Vice President global sales, marketing, service and parts.

At Stage V, Perkins offers 14 different models from 0.5 litre to 18 litre which deliver power from 8.2–470 kW (11–630 hp). “So whatever construction machine a manufacturer is designing, they can be sure that Perkins has an engine to power it,” added Jaz. 

Working with Perkins at EU Stage V can boost your bottom


Uplift in power and torque

Performance across the Stage V range has improved in three main ways. Power density – the amount of power you get from a particular package size, has increased by up to 28 percent. Torque meanwhile, has increased by up to 29 percent and significant fluid consumption – namely fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) improvements, have also been made across the range. All of these mean that OEMs can downsize and reduce cost without compromising on performance.

Perkins Stage V engines also reduce OEM costs through efficient packaging and integration. Engine mounted aftertreatment as well as factory-delivered power units that are ready for customers to ‘plug and play’ mean minimal engineering for OEMs.

“We’ve been building engines for construction machines for more than 85 years and have more than 21 million engines behind us,” said Jaz. “We are true off-highway experts who understand how real machines work in tough conditions. All our technology is designed and proven to withstand the high temperatures, high vibration and high duty cycles they’re likely to experience on many construction sites.”


EU Stage V engines on display

The 1.7 litre mechanical Perkins® 403J-17T delivers 18.9 kW (25 hp) of dependable and quiet power. Offered with a choice of power ratings and speeds, the 403J-17T provides high power and 18 percent more torque, enabling OEMs to get more power from a compact package.

Now in production, the new Perkins® Syncro 3.6 litre engine offers 100 kW (134 hp). Its compact design enables OEMs to optimise machine layout, while operators will benefit from the 3 dB less noise when compared to the 3.4 litre engine it replaces at Stage V.

At the larger end of the Perkins range, the 1706J-E93TA is a 6-cylinder, 9.3 litre engine providing 19 percent more power and improved torque up to 340 kW (456 hp) and 2088 Nm (1540 lb ft). With a fully configurable options list, a compact and lightweight aftertreatment and no exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) the 1706J offers high performance in a simple and flexible design.

Shown for the first time at bauma Munich, the 2406J-E13TA delivers 430 kW (577 hp) and 2634 Nm (1943 lb ft) torque from a 12.5 litre package, enabling OEMs to downsize their engine platform without sacrificing machine performance.

To highlight the breadth of the Stage V range, Perkins is showcasing a new 4-cylinder 1204J, offering 120 kVA, and meeting the latest emission standards for mobile generators. Perkins is offering a complete range of Stage V engines designed to deliver efficient and reliable power for the European mobile generator set market. The complete range will cover Perkins 0.5 to 18 litre products, deliver a powerful 4–560 kVA and is designed to ideally suit a range of mobile electric power (EP) applications including light towers and rental equipment.

Perkins Stage V technologies have been field-tested over millions of hours helping OEMs meet emission standards while having a positive impact on the engine’s power, torque, reliability and durability. Technologies include common rail fuel systems, selective catalytic reduction (SCR), diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC) and diesel particulate filters (DPF). To highlight the compact and flexible nature of our offering, the aftertreatment system used on the 1200 Series will feature on the stand. To ensure duty cycles and workload are never affected and user productivity is always maintained, our engines use a DPF regeneration process that runs automatically without machine or operator interruption.

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