Perkins® Hypercare maximises long-term value, delivering peace of mind for owners of Perkins engines

Tuesday September 1, 2021

Perkins has announced the launch of Hypercare, a new personalised and flexible support programme delivered by the Perkins distribution network. Perkins® Hypercare combines major service elements into a convenient package that can include genuine parts, oil, coolant, fluid sampling, engine inspections, preventive maintenance and Perkins® Platinum Protection extended warranty in a single support agreement. 

All Perkins Hypercare services are performed by expert technicians to offer participants peace of mind. 

“Hypercare matches a customer’s maintenance and service needs with the capabilities available in the Perkins distribution network to create a unique set of services that are defined by the Perkins Hypercare agreement,” explained Matt O’Sullivan, general manager – aftermarket. “Delivered by Perkins distributors, Hypercare goes well beyond a traditional Customer Service Agreement (CSA) by offering flexibility in a package designed to optimise and extend the productive life of an engine.”

Perkins® Hypercare

Where a CSA simply provides a set of basic actions to be performed on a fixed schedule, Perkins Hypercare monitors engine status to identify opportunities to add value through service changes and additions while still providing necessary routine service and maintenance functions. This new approach to long term service and maintenance has many advantages over a traditional CSA.

“Hypercare helps reduce downtime with diagnostic services and preventive maintenance interventions while increasing productivity and uptime with pre-emptive servicing based on engine-specific data collected by regular fluid sampling and engine monitoring. In short, Perkins Hypercare delivers comprehensive support over the whole life of an engine,” Matt added.

Perkins Hypercare plans are available in industry-specific core service frameworks for Electric Power, Industrial and Agricultural/Construction/Material Handling. Customers within each framework are divided into three categories according to their need for distributor support. The categories are:

  • Convenience Customers who can manage service and basic repair requirements with minimal distributor support.
  • Performance Customers who can perform basic service and maintenance but require support from a distributor specialist for more complex maintenance tasks.
  • Confidence Customers who do not have the ability and resources to support their engines themselves and need complete end-to-end service to support their operations.

Every Perkins Hypercare plan includes both fluid sampling of oil, fuel and coolant, and engine inspection as standard features. These technologies provide key information that can aid in predicting and preventing unusual and/or excessive component wear and incipient component failures.

Working with local authorised Perkins experts, Perkins Hypercare gives the owner access to fully trained technicians for all their service and repair work. It also assures them that only genuine Perkins parts will be used to service, maintain and repair their engines. Use of non-genuine parts could void engine warranties and potentially lead to rapid wear, compromised performance, poor reliability, increased fuel and oil consumption, component damage and, in a worst-case scenario, engine failure.

Perkins Platinum Protection, an extended warranty with a duration as long as 10 years and 15,000 hours of service for certain engines and applications, can also be added to a Perkins Hypercare plan. Offering the same coverage as the standard factory warranty for a new engine, Perkins Platinum Protection provides parts, labour and travel at no charge for any covered repair.

Perkins Hypercare provides a consistent, structured approach to maintenance and service that may enhance the value of a Perkins engine. It offers greater peace of mind and enhanced satisfaction for end users and maximises the long-term value of the Perkins engines they depend upon to power their businesses.

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