Perkins consistently deliver global expertise local to you

Perkins distributor, Universal Diesel in Norway has delivered over 30 Perkins® M300C propulsion engines to Nor-Dan Marine AS.

The Nor-Dan Speedsjark 35 fishing boat, is 10.65 LOA and used for commercial fishing from Kristiansand in the south of Norway to Finnmark in the north and is one of the most popular fishing boats sold in recent years in the area. Developed for efficient and economical fishing, the hull is specifically designed to travel quickly to fishing destinations with a speed of 17 knots without cargo, and an economic speed of 10 – 12 knots.

“The M300C is ideal for this application, in terms of the boat size and design,” comments Thomas Ekedal from Universal Diesel in Norway. “The engine has proven to be a very low costeffective engine, with low fuel consumption and low level of noise. This is backed by good local support when it comes to servicing including technical information, product support and spare parts.”

Nor-Dan Marine AS has made the Perkins M300C their engine of choice when it comes to the Speedsjark 35, together with Universal Diesel they are supplying both leisure and commercial boats built and adapted to the individual’s needs.

Perkins engines are supported around the globe through a network of distributors and Universal Diesel AS in Norway, not only supplies the engines but is also on hand with spare parts and servicing as required. All engines come from the upgraded Perkins marine facility in Wimborne UK, and come with a 500-hour interval service, they are reliable and easy to maintain.

Perkins consistently deliver global expertise local to you