New Perkins® 1706 delivers a powerful performance at MEE 2019

Improved power density is vital to the success of today’s generator set manufacturers, so choosing an engine that draws the maximum power from the smallest package delivers a competitive advantage.

To meet this customer need, Middle East Electricity 2019 is the launchpad for the new Perkins® 1706, as we open the order book for our latest state-of-the-art platform designed to deliver maximum benefit to customers in the electric power sector.

The Perkins® 1706A-E93TAG2 produces 350 kVA from a 9.3 litre displacement, providing superior output and performance. With 22 percent improved power density, this market-leading product offers a reduced package size, better fuel consumption and cheaper running costs.

Key features include a state-of-the-art fuel system, high efficiency turbocharging, improved thermal management and the latest Perkins ECM technology to enhance product performance. A cutting-edge new cooling pack design allows Perkins to still achieve the engine’s full power ratings under extreme ambient conditions, so customers can be confident the engine will meet their requirements under all circumstances. 

1706 engine

“The 1706 delivers the highest power capability in its class,” said Jaz Gill, Vice President global sales, marketing, service and parts. “We have leveraged state-of-the-art technologies to give customers an engine that provides customers with world-class levels of performance.”

In addition to the 1706, Perkins is showing a 1206 and a 2806, both of which offer significant power density improvements from a smaller package. With a 7 litre displacement, the Perkins® 1206A-E70TTAG3 produces up to 275 kVA and delivers 20 percent improved power density from a 20 percent lighter engine when compared to the previous 1506 platform.

New technology on the engine includes twin series turbocharging for increased engine response, while a higher-pressure fuel system gives precise control of fueling, delivering improved performance across the board.

Delivering 825 kVA from an 18 litre displacement, the Perkins® 2806A-E18TTAG5 offers 28 percent improved power density, a 35 percent reduction in package size and a 48 percent smaller footprint. Aside from performance benefits, the smaller footprint and 23 percent reduction in height also enable generator set manufacturers to package this engine in a smaller canopy – saving space, installation and transportation costs. This engine compliments the Perkins 4006 at this power range, giving customers more choice and flexibility to suit their specific needs.

Perkins electric power customers benefit from being able to power their complete generator line-up with one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced range of engines available – running from 5 to 2500 kVA.

To demonstrate the breadth of the electric power engine range, Perkins is also showcasing a 403A-11G which delivers 12 kVA and a 4008-30TAG2 which produces 1250 kVA. The 4008 on show has been built at the Perkins Aurangabad manufacturing facility in India, which supplies 4000 Series engines for customers in Asia and the Middle East.

“Perkins engines help manufacturers sell their generators,” said Trevor Toulson, Perkins EAME and CIS regional director. “Their customers know that when they buy a Perkins-powered generator set, it will be ready to generate guaranteed power on demand and deliver market-leading performance, exceptional reliability and a lifetime of low cost.”